Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It Doesn't Count

Last week when I went shopping for groceries, I saw that Mallomars were back! I've been fairly behaved lately though and haven't purchased anything that's incredibly unhealthy because I'm determined to get fit so that I can be healthier. However, I don't count treats at school as being TOO unhealthy, so when one of the students brought in a box of Mallomars as part of her campaign for class representative, I didn't turn it down!

It may be the only Mallomar I have this season since I'm going to be good and avoid buying things like this in the future, so I just had to document it! And don't worry; I used Purell before touching it with my bare hands in the classroom!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Astro Blasters!

This was the second card I made to send to those who wanted to sponsor me for my school's bike/walk-a-thon this Saturday. This cut was from the recent SVG Cutting Files "Animated" blog hop. I was so excited about that one because all the freebies were Disney characters! I haven't yet cut them because they seem as if they might be a little complex for mass producing purposes, but this was one I could do.

This is the laser gun from Disneyland's Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. It's a little different than the ride at Disney World, but it's still unmistakably representative of one of my all-time favorite rides at WDW! I kept the card itself very simple by just popping it up on a 4 x 4 in square card with rounded corners. 

The sentiment is from Pink by Design's set called "Oh Boy." It just worked perfectly with this cut. I made 6 of these in total, and 3 of them have already been claimed! Just look at this really makes me want to hop on the ride right now!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Mickey and Minnie Cuties

My school is having a bike/walk-a-thon fundraiser this upcoming Saturday. Our new headmaster challenged us teachers to raise $100. I figured the only way I'd be able to make that amount was if I offered blank cards for each person who sponsored me for $5! I have to say that I'd probably just bypass someone's request too, but cute Disney stuff would definitely catch my eye.

I used a Mickey and Minnie image from Disney's Cuties to create this card. It's strange not having measurements and such when using the Silhouette Cameo. I could technically get the exact measurement since I saved the file, but it's not done exactly the same way as the Cricut. I'm still getting used to the difference between the two machines and the programs. There is, of course, the huge benefit of being able to cut images like this on the Cameo! Though it looks easy to put together, the pieces that really required extra care were the small red piece of Mickey's pants and the small yellow piece of his shoe. I use my TweezerBee tweezers anyway for every piece even when it's not teeny-tiny like that. When Howard saw how I had to be careful with all the small pieces on the Disney cuts I've been making lately, he commented that he wouldn't have the ability or patience to do it, haha.

I dry embossed the white paper with a Sizzix folder and then stamped the sentiment from Pink by Design on a banner cut out using a die from Papertrey Ink. I only popped up the banner since I didn't want there to be any possible tearing of their tails if I popped Mickey and Minnie off the card. I made 6 of these in total, and so far, I have 4 of them "sold"! Hooray! A huge thanks to my sponsors so far!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rewinding to Sunday

I woke up in the morning and got ready to go to church, but then my stomach started giving me a little bit of trouble. I texted my mom and told her that we wouldn't be going to church with them, but we would instead go to a local church. Sometimes I stay at home and end up feeling okay while other times I go and end up feeling horrible. This time was one of those times I made the right choice. We went to service at the church where we got married, and then we got home in just 2 hours. It would've been too difficult to make it through the entire day for both of us. 

My dad mentioned that because I didn't go to church, he wasn't going to see me, so I said we'd visit at night and that turned into a brief visit with my grandma and a mishmash dinner of leftovers for my dad and Matt and Qdoba for my mom, Howard, and me. I'm glad we still live fairly close so that stuff like this is possible. Howard and I sometimes discuss what it'd be like if we moved elsewhere because it'd be easier for us to buy a house and to get away from the city life, but I wouldn't do very well without being near my family.

I only snapped two quick pictures yesterday. The first one is of the mushrooms growing outside my grandma's place. They were so huge! We comment about mushrooms all the time now that we know Howard can't have them.

And here's a yummy picture of my burrito bowl, haha. I got it with brown rice and chicken and had black beans, cheese, two kinds of salsa, and guacamole added on top. It's nice now that guacamole doesn't cost extra.

When we got back home, Howard and I finished watching Catching Fire. It makes me want to reread the books again, but I feel as if there's never time for too many leisure activities especially when crafting is on my mind!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rewinding to Saturday

Despite my nap late Friday night, I had no problem sleeping when it was time to sleep. I set an alarm as I always do for Saturday mornings and woke up to wash Howard's work shirts. Since our washer has completely died on us, I bought things to hand wash certain items at home. I figured his work shirts and my work tops could be done that way since it's not the best to constantly throw them in the wash anyway. For everything else, we've been going to my parents' house. Even though it can be quite a workout (soaked clothes can be heavy!), I do appreciate being able to do it at home and not having to leave.

Since we also didn't have to do laundry on Saturday and because groceries were done the day before, I knew I had an entire day at home! I love those days! I feel as if we haven't had that in a while, and when we did, it was because Howard was in pain or I was sick with that cold. I had time in the morning to get some crafting done even while Howard caught up on sleep. We have a 5x5 Expedit bookcase from IKEA that separates the "bedroom" and the rest of the apartment, but the square right next to me doesn't have a fabric cube in it. That means I can look through and see if and when he wakes up! It's so different from our dating days when I had to wake up early to get lesson plans done as quickly as I could so that Howard drive in from Brooklyn to come see me! 

I won't post the cards I crafted here; I'll put them in separate updates. I really am enjoying being able to craft whatever I want with the Silhouette Cameo. I can essentially take whatever images I want from what I see online and cut them. Some are easy than others, of course. I tend to search for a character and "coloring" so that I can have simpler designs and just the black lines. Anything else that's a bit more complex requires Howard's help.

I didn't do a lick of school work on Saturday, but for once, I didn't feel guilty about it. I think I earn myself a day of not doing anything for school!