Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stop Collecting, Start Crafting!

This is a haul video for the past few months.  Since I was so busy with life, I got to the point where I was actually doing more collecting than I was crafting.  In reality, I wasn't crafting at all.  So I told myself that I could finally do this one video and move on!  Yay!

I did actually upload this to Windows Live Movie Maker and added captions and such, but it didn't save and then my computer freaked out on me causing me to lose everything.  I didn't want to take the time to do it again, so I just uploaded it directly to YouTube.  Yes, I do now have a YouTube account (MissNinjaCrafts) since Photobucket did not want to accept such a long video!  Oh well.  Thankfully, I can post to YouTube from now on if I need to! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Image Series: Airplane (Boys Will Be Boys)

Making Cricut cuts can be quite challenging when it comes to putting paper on the mat over and over again.  It gets to be very tedious.  That's why I started cutting out images in sets of 3 so that I can just put one color at a time but get a lot more done.  Can you tell I'm super eager for Cricut Craft Room???

Cartridges: Airpline cut at 3 in from Boys Will Be Boys, clouds cut at 1 1/2 and 1/4 in cut from Create a Critter
Embossing: Cuttlebug D'vine Swirls for clouds
Sentiment: Pink by Design's "Spring Has Sprung"

They're all rather similar with a few differences.  You can see that one card has the colors reversed.  I forgot how that happened.  Oh, I think I forgot to press shift at one point, so that's why I just flipped the colors.  I have different size background layers and different corners (love that Corner Chomper!).  I'm looking forward to posting more cards in groups of 3!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Craft Organization

I finally got back to crafting yesterday!  It was so much fun to just be absorbed in my hobby for a few hours without worrying about everything else that's going on in my life.  This is exactly the kind of Spring Break vacation that I needed.  Before I show you the cards that I made yesterday (10 in total, I think!), I'll post an update on what has changed since I last crafted.

Yesterday I cleaned out one of the drawers in my tall plastic storage thing.  I really don't have a clue what it's called, haha.  I know a lot of crafters have these, and I like it because it's MUCH cheaper than Jetmax cubes!  Plus, I don't know how my crafting area will be when Howard and I have our own place.  Anyway, this storage piece wasn't bought for crafting.  I actually got it when I was much younger because I needed extra space.  The shallow drawers are perfect for crafting supplies.  I only cleared out one so far for punches.

It's really nice having these out of the way yet very easily accessible.  Out of all the tools that need to be out,  punches are not one of them.  However, these are right behind me, so I just turn around and open the drawer.  I don't have many at this point, but it's enough to get me started!  I actually finally started using them yesterday!

It was about time that I opened up my Corner Chomper too!  I bought it a while ago, but I liked how it looked so perfect in the package.  Well, not everything about the package itself was perfect though!  Um, completly?

I wonder if people actually noticed these errors after they were all printed up.


I cut the packaging and was sad to throw it away.  Is it weird of me that I liked it so much?


I took the time to use my mom's Dymo label maker to put labels on the majority of my embossing folders because I can't remember all the names when I need to reference them in my Facebook crafting album when I post cards I've made.  I know most people write directly on them, but I knew I'd be upset if it came out messy.  I also know that people put labels on the front, but I didn't want it in the way when I'm trying to figure out the placement of the card or paper that I want embossed, so I put it on the back where the word "Cuttlebug" is on the opposite side.  Oh, there are 2 in there that are Sizzix (Argyle and Lines & Circles).  My Sizzix Texturz Texture Plates already have the names on them, so I didn't have to do those.

The last picture that I'll post in this update is my desk organization of most-used tools.  I used the Kwiki Purse Insert Organizer.  I bought it on Amazon here.  Since the large size was $25 and the set of all 3 was $40, I decided to get all 3 in tan since I wasn't entirely sure what sizes I needed for my bags.  I'm glad I did!  I ended up needing the large for my hobo bag.  Now I use the medium for my craft organizing!  In the back pocket, I have cardstock (I buy the packs with the envelopes; I don't like cutting/folding my own).  In the right outer pocket, you can see my regular scissors (for cutting packages!) and my CutterBee scissors (I think I need to buy a new pair JUST for ribbon because they're not as sharp anymore).  I also have a Zig 2-way glue pen in there as well as my newly opened Corner Chomper!  I have a pencil in there as well along with my TweezerBee tweezers (very handy).  My Cricut spatula stays there as well.  The left outer pocket has extra adhesive, like my ATG gun refill although I really don't need that there.  I have foam adhesive squares too.  In the front pocket, you can see clear stamp blocks.  I also have clear bling in there as well as a piece of looseleaf paper where I jotted down the size of the cuts I made on the Cricut.  I started a notebook yesterday to keep track now.  The big middle section has 6 pockets around the perimeter as well.  The front 2 have my ink pads.  The left one has my paintbrushes (for Mod Podge) and my Cricut ruler.  I should leave my bone folder in there as well.  The center portion can't be seen, but the jar of Mod Podge is there along with glitter and eyelets.  I should do a video showing all the sections for those of you too lazy to read what I just wrote, haha!

I would LOVE to post a huge haul video summing up the past few months, but alas, my computer had BSOD before, and since then Photobucket has not been working for me in terms of uploading.  Oh well.  It'll give me something to post another day when it does work!