Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Ticker with Days!

I typically like tickers with days, but at this point, it seems like it's much too far away!  We still have 42 days until we're down to 100 days!  Agh!  That's a ton of teaching days ...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Ticker Is A Lovely Thing! Ticker

I don't want to post this ticker on my DIS signature because I don't think it'll fit.  I already had to shrink my links!  I'll post it here for now, and I'll probably post it again and again (or change the backgrounds and whatnot) many times before then!  The reason why I chose Spaceship Earth as the background is because Ray keeps saying, "Epcot!" and doing this silly walk!  We're all going to have to do the silly walk some time when we're actually there!!!

And of course, the text above the ticker is something that I'm thinking about ... will I finish the 2010 trip report before we leave for the next trip?  Um, my answer's going to be ... probably not.  Haha, at this rate, I'll be doing 2 trip reports at once!