Friday, December 31, 2010

More Spending In the Interim

As I sit at home still waiting for the arrival of my Walmart gift card so that I can order my Cricut Expression, I have been spending my time searching for the other materials I'll need to begin cutting and layering from the get go!  I've been doing a lot of research online for best prices, and I've even asked some questions on the Cricut message board so that I could get responses from those who have experience.

Anyway, one question I asked was about cardstock.  I knew that I liked the brand Die Cuts With a View (DCWV).  However, that stuff can get rather expensive!  I looked at prices everywhere and didn't want to spend that much on packs of 58 sheets of 12x12 when there were other options.  I asked about Wausau Paper, which I found for much cheaper on Amazon.  Thankfully, many other members of the Cricut board use it and love it!  I was so happy to hear that.  I also got a suggestion to check out Oriental Trading Company, which also has scrapbooking supplies (who knew!?).  I'm down to those two options at this point.

Well, after reading more threads, I saw that someone posted that there was a paper sale at JoAnn's!  I immediately wanted to go there instead after looking at the website that had 12x12 paper stacks for only $9.99!!!  Um, Mom?  Can we go now?  Thankfully, my mom had to go to Kohl's to return the gift I bought for my dad (that's a whole other story in itself!).  JoAnn's is in the same area, so off we went!

I found the paper section and stood there for what seemed like ages trying to pick out which prints I liked the most.  My cell phone was in my hand so that I could find out how much it cost per sheet depending on the stack (some had 58 sheets, some had 100, some had 150, etc).  It's a good thing that my mom doesn't get  impatient with me when I try to make decisions like this!  I know I could've bought and spent a good $50, but I limited myself to just two packs with the most paper in them.  One of them was a DCWV value pack because it has 102 solid sheets of paper.  The colors on the package are not those that are actually found inside, which can be slightly deceiving if you were to buy this online!  There are actually fewer color choices inside, but it's okay.  I just need some solid colors.

I also bought a stack of patterned paper that was also DCWV!  It's Stack 7 with different patterns that can be used for cutting or layering on the cards.  This one has 180 sheets, so it'll last me a while.  I think this is actually on Oriental Trading Company for $18.99, so I'm excited to have bought it for only $9.99!  What a deal!

I'm so glad that I stalked the Cricut board!  I'm going to have to add JoAnn's to my list of websites that I check for deals.  I already check Michael's and AC Moore, but if JoAnn's has better prices, I'm going to have to be making it over to that area more often.

Here's a picture of a paper box I bought at Michael's when it was the deal of the day before Christmas.  I forgot how much I paid for it; it might've been $6?

As you can see, it's filled with different sizes of paper, which will come in handy when I just need to cut a small layer for an image.  It might also be easier to start with these pieces (there are much bigger pieces underneath) when I first get my Cricut because it won't be like starting a huge sheet of paper when I'm doing some trial and error things in the beginning.

After our stop at JoAnn's, my mom asked if I wanted to go to the Michaels in that area.  We haven't been there in so long because there's a newer one by the mall that's closer to our house and much cleaner.  I needed thank you cards to write to my students for their Christmas gifts, so I said yes.

Even though this place is much older and not as neat, it actually has a lot more stuff in some areas.  That's probably because not many people make it over there!  Remember in the previous post when I said that there weren't many sale $19.99 Cricut cartridges?  They had a TON here!  Really, they had a TON!  Too bad I didn't have my camera on me or I would've taken a picture!  This is something I should keep in mind because I read on the board that during the week of January 9th, those sale cartridges are dropping to $10.  If that's the case, I can get the Pooh font because look at the cute images that come with it ...

Anyway, I found the cards I needed at Michaels, and then I began looking in the aisles.  I found the Zig two-way glue pens that many people use to layer the teeny-tiny pieces!  Since there wasn't anything else that mom and I needed, we each bought one using the 50% coupon.  It doesn't cost that much to begin with, but why not save $2 if we can!  So in actuality, I was able to buy 2 pens for the price of 1 so yay for that!

I bought the chisel tip pen even though the fine tip might be easier to work with because the chisel tip came with 3 more grams of glue!  Haha, I don't know why I looked at the grams and not the ounces, but that's what I did!  And they both cost the same thing at the store, so why not get the one with more?  I'll deal with the chisel tip to get more glue.

One last thing ... as I was reading the board last night, I came across a thread that has people putting a spending ban on themselves for the year of 2011 or at least for the first few months of it.  They made conditions for themselves (ex. can't buy any more cartridges, can only buy adhesives, etc.) and wrote about it on the thread so that they could keep each other accountable.  I can definitely see why that's needed because I've been getting sucked into this desire to spend and buy!  Hopefully, I won't turn into one of those big spenders (haha, although some of you may think I'm spending a lot right now ...) and that I'll use the machine often to get a lot of use from it!  I already have plans to make bookmarks for my students at the end of the year or for the beginning of the new school year as well as make a ton of cards to sell at the next church bake sale for the Lottie Moon Mission Fund.  Mom said that Hallmark cards sell for a LOT these days, so my cards should be able to make a lot as well because they're handmade and can be more complex than Hallmark cards!

Okay, I'm STILL waiting for that gift card!


  1. Thanks for you comment on my post on the Cricut messageboard! :)

    From reading through your blog- im guessing this is going to be your 1st Cricut machine?! I am excited for you!! :) My husband just bought me the canary expression for Christmas since yellow is my fave. color! I love it!

    Anyways, its a good and bad thing owning that thing! Great machine but way too many cute cartridges and more cute cartridges to come- it's hard to control yourself!

  2. Rachel,

    Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I use a cheapie paper trimmer from JoAnne's, I think it's under $20 plus if you use a 40% coupon it's even cheaper. I just keep lots of spare cutting blades handy because they dull out sorta quick (at least the way I use them), but overall I think it's a great trimmer for the price. I would suggest getting a trimmer that has at least a measured inch on either side of the cutting line, I've found that helpful :)

    Also, I've found the chisel tip to be better than the ballpoint tip for the Zig pens anyways, you can always use the pointed edge of the chisel to get the smaller pieces so the versatility and glue coating is much better.

    Lastly, if you are in search for deals on Cricut products check out Oh My Crafts if you haven't heard from them. They always have a 10% off coupon for their online followers so their carts are only $20-$40 each but they do take FOREVER to get in the mail.

    Hope that's some useful info! Have a great time with your Cricut, you'll love it :D

  3. I can't wait to see everything you make with that Cricut! I'm not a crafty person but I like watching the infomercial for it! HAHA!

  4. @Stephanie: Yes! This is my 1st ever Cricut machine! I'm so excited and so thrilled. I think it'll be therapeutic for me. My life is consumed with lesson plans and grading. It'll be fun to do something for myself.

    @Glue Meets Paper: I finally decided to purchase a Cutterpede. I was thinking of the Making Memories one, but I figured I wasn't going to be cutting cardstock for the actual cards, so I shouldn't invest in something so expensive (it would've been $25 with the 50% coupon I had). The Cutterpeded only cost me $12.50. Ooo, I'm glad that the chisel tip is a good one to have! Thanks for the info!

    @LonelyHearts: I now understand the lure of watching HSN ... haha.

  5. I love the Recollections paper from Michaels for solid colored cardstock. It cuts great in the Cricut, and when on sale you can get 2 packs for $5! There are usually 50 sheets per pack of the 12x12.

  6. Thanks for the tip! I've seen those packs before, but I wasn't sure if it was good paper. I'll definitely keep that in mind for 2011. I told my fiancé that paper would be the only thing I'll buy from now on UNLESS there's a $10 cart on sale that I'd be willing to buy for $25 (to test myself to see if I actually want the cart or if I'm being enticed by price). Thanks again!

  7. Rachel - Don't forget to sign up for your teacher discount at Joann's. It is an extra 15-20% off your purchase. Just bring in your work ID. When paper, punches, etc are on sale for 40% off, items are about half off with the teacher discount. Also, sign up for the emails from Joann's and Michaels. They will take each other's coupons. I second the 8.5" x 11" packs of 50 sheets of paper from Joann's and Michaels. They are so cheap and there are many colors to choose from. Leave a message on my blog if you want more ideas on frugal crafting.

  8. @Fun Paper Creations: I'll definitely keep an eye out for those packs. I think they were just on sale last week or something, but I told myself not to buy paper just yet since I still had. I'll wait for the next sale! Ooo, I'll sign up for the teacher discount the next time I'm there. I typically only hit Michaels and then AC Moore. I just have a Michaels fairly close to my house. So excited to spend yet save money!