Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Video #1: First Haul videos!

Since I've been looking up a lot of crafting videos, I learned what haul videos are.  It's basically a video where you talk about what you've just purchased!  It seems strange, but it's actually really interesting to see what kind of deals people find and what they get to make their cards or scrapbook pages.  I decided to make one after my huge splurge.  This is only part 1.  I ran out of memory and had to delete stuff to continue the video.  I'll fix and post that tomorrow.

I was skeptical about posting it, but Howard said I should!  He said that I was cute, but he also thinks it's really funny!  I had him YouTube search haul videos, and then he realized it's a really common thing!  I also had him search for scrap room tours, so he wouldn't be surprised if I eventually make my own scrap room tour even though it'd just be one table in my bedroom!  Well, I hope you enjoy my weirdness!  Yes, I spent a lot of money, but I couldn't pass up on these deals!


Here are the other videos from that day!  The first one is a continuation since I ran out of memory and had to delete some old pictures.

After I took Howard out for an early birthday sushi lunch, I asked oh-so-innocently if we could go to the other Michaels.  He agreed without a problem!  Of course, I ended up buying more there!

Okay, that's it for today!  I did have fun filming them, and even though it seems kind of silly, I think it's cool to have this as a reference!  Plus, I'm STILL amazed at the fact that the carts cost ONLY $10!  This was the perfect time to get into Cricut-ing because the sale really benefited newbies.  Of course, I'm still waiting for my Cricut ... haha.  The delivery date was pushed back to the 18th!  Oh well, I guess I still have a bit more time to get my crafting area all set up.  Or it'll give me more time to do other haul videos, hehe.


  1. Hehe, how could I not bring you to the other Michael's again? :D I love seeing you happy, so if going to Michael's will do that for you, why not?

  2. $2.39! lol!

    Rachel, please stop posting about your cricut. It makes me want to look into it and if I do, I will buy it. ;o)

  3. $2.39! Thats so funny how you posted the text too! Such great loot! :)