Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quorra at School

As promised, I took a picture of Quorra out and about having some adventures!  She was excited to see where I worked.  This is my classroom; it has been my classroom for the past few years (I'm in my 5th year of teaching!).  For once, I teach ALL of my classes here, so I don't have to move everything around from room to room.

Quorra's standing on the 8th grade math textbook.  She's ready to solve some equations that have variables on both sides!  After this picture was taken, she scurried on back to my bag.  Although she wasn't on my desk during the day (I don't want my kids' grubby hands on her, haha), she did listen to my ELA and math lessons.


  1. Hi Rachel~
    I hopped on by and I'm here checking out all your wonderful projects and wow you got some really good creativity going on here..... I love your blog header - yummy sushi my fav too..
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