Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A 100 Follower Sushi Celebration!

Due to the Anniversary Amore Blog Hop, I gained some new followers!  Yay!  Welcome to all of my new crafty friends!  In celebration of surpassing 100 followers (I really didn't think that would happen), Howard and I went out to our local sushi place.  In reality, we had just been craving it since we don't eat it as often anymore, so this was a good reason to splurge.

It was crowded, but then again, it was a Saturday night.  I wasn't so fond of the people sitting to one side of us.  It was a group of 3 guys who were clearly having fun with the drinks and the sake.  They didn't do anything bothersome, but I just felt uncomfortable.  When I'm out having dinner, I want it as calm as possible without worrying about people around me.  To start, we shared a miso soup that came with one of our orders.  Then we also had spring rolls.  The menu said 4, but we actually got 5 (haha, i already have one on my plate).  I think this is the first time we ever ordered anything that was hot from the menu!

We didn't get any sashimi this time.  We just a variety of rolls.  A lot of it was actually spicy for me.  I guess the chefs added more sriracha when mixing.  It was good though.  I just needed a lot of that green tea!

This was one of the the maki combination.  It had a salmon roll, a shrimp tempura roll, and a California roll.  Howard and I both have a weak spot for Cali rolls.  Even though we love love LOVE the raw stuff, there's something about the simplicity of a California roll that just hits the spot.  It's a good palate cleanser.  Plus, there's avocado in it!  Delish!  On days when we're kind of craving sushi but decide not to have raw, we get 3 Cali rolls each with a soup or salad from a place closer to Howard's house.  He'll bring it over on a Saturday, and we just sit and relax while watching something like Harry Potter or Lie to Me or Burn Notice!

I love all my Saturday dates with my guy!  I can't wait until we're married when I don't have to wait for that one day a week to spend time with him!

Anyway, thank you to all of my followers, new and old!  I know I don't post as much as I used to, but that'll hopefully change when wedding planning and lesson planning are done for the year!  Thanks for sticking with me!


  1. My fav type of food.... love all those delish sushi's.... yummy!

  2. CONGRATS Rachel on surpassing 100 followers. Ummmm, all that food looks sooo yummy. Congrats on your engagement too. How exciting.

  3. 100 followers--whooot! And the sushi looks amazing! So glad you had a wonderful date night :)

  4. Congrats! Looks like you had a nice dinner! Looks so yummie! Hugs, Hanneke