Friday, May 4, 2012

Almost Mrs. Love and Sushi

I know I've been rather absent from my blog, but it's all because of the gosh darn wedding that's creeping up on me rather quickly!  I'm way behind on all the things that I have to do.  I never thought I'd be a last minute bride, but I am because it was just too difficult balancing my responsibilities at work and the burdens from the wedding.  Add on top of that the fact that I would've preferred having a different kind of wedding than the one we're actually having, it makes it very difficult to WANT to plan.  Getting the apartment ready is difficult too because Howard and I only have Saturdays to do that.  

Recently, I had my bridal shower at my aunt's house (my cousins Danielle and Nikki are my best buds and my bridal party; they're on my right and left in the picture).  Here's a picture of the "younger" girls who were at the party.

On that same day, Howard has his bachelor party arranged by his groomsman and our mutual friend from church, Ray.  They went paintballing and then had a sushi buffet afterwards.  I was a tad bit jealous that he got to have sushi since we rarely eat it nowadays, so the next day when he drove me back home from church after pre-marital counseling, we went to the local sushi place!  Yum!

We had some rolls as well as some sashimi.  I was really liking the Moscow roll that day, which has 3 kinds of fish wrapped in cucumber.  Very yummy!

Anyway, just wanted to write this quick update to let you know that I'm still alive and breathing.  Plus, I just HAD to share the sushi part since I am all about loveandsushi!  Oh, by the way, have you seen the stamps from Pink by Design's latest release?!  Um, LOVE!


I hope to add some sushi sentiments to my growing collection of PBD stamps after we recover from all the wedding things!  Haha, when it comes to money, things like rent and groceries and all the things needed for life on our own come first now!

Hope you all are doing well!  I'm very behind on blogs as well, so I can't wait to eventually see what you're all doing!

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