Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Decorative Functionality

During the 2010-2011 school year, I got an engagement gift from one of my students.  I was so shocked and surprised that the family would be so generous to give me something "just" for an engagement (this is my 3rd year teaching the daughter, and I taught the son for 3 years too)!  I knew right away that I would be using it to purchase some Disney home goodies for my future apartment with Howard especially since the family is also VERY into Disney too!  I never posted the pictures of what I got during my February 2011 WDW trip!  It's all in storage right now, and I'm getting excited that I'll soon be able to use it all and put some things on display to have Disney touches all around.  

I chose a Mickey pancake ring. I already have 2 egg rings, but this is bigger than the egg ring.

As you can see, it was $6.95. You can use it with eggs too, but I had thin, overcooked eggs, so I can't imagine using it for that unless it's for a few eggs.  I did use this to make potato pancakes though, and it was so fun to have a perfect Mickey instead of the misshapen ones I used to do freehand!

All kitchens need ladles!

Not all kitchens need ladles for $5.95, but since I had the chance ... I'm going to have to be careful using this. I want it to last!

I also picked up 2 trivets/pot holders/jar openers.

Despite the many purposes, I got it to use as trivets. I like that if they get dirty, I can just wash or wipe them down. The ones my mom has are made using like, basket material or something, so they can't be cleaned.

They were $9.95 each. Bringing Disney magic home is rather expensive!

Measuring cups were next! I'm still a "use-a-recipe" to cook kind of person. I haven't gotten used to winging it. 

I didn't get a picture of the cost, but I have it upstairs packed away so I'll be able to check it if I want to know. 

The measurement is on the handle. Haha, it took me a while to realize where it was.

Lastly, the thing that I KNEW I wanted to have before we even got there was the pepper grinder. Since we had the opportunity and the money, we got the salt one too.

I LOVE freshly cracked pepper on things especially on Italian food! If we didn't have the engagement gift money, the only thing I would've bought out of all these things would've been the pepper mill.

As Howard and I clean the apartment, we'll start bringing the things we have for our married life there and set it up once we order our furniture.  Such an exciting time!  The wedding and reception part of it is much too stressful for me, but THIS is the stuff I am thoroughly enjoying!


  1. Oh boy, you're definitely bringing Disney into your kitchen. Your accessories are sooooo cute. Bet you'll have fun cooking.

  2. Oh my! I seriously love these Disney Accessories for the kitchen! How fun!

  3. So I'm loving all these items and they definitely make up my kitchen utensils as well. I'm missing your crafts, Rachel! Planning a wedding is just too time consuming! haha