Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The IKEA Song

As Howard and I settle into our new life in our new [teeny-tiny] studio apartment, we're really getting to enjoy all the things we bought from IKEA to furnish the place.  I love love LOVE my Varde cabinet that I deal with every single day since I don't actually have counterspace except for that.  Plus, the big drawers provide a ton of storage space.  Anyway, I'll probably run through a piece by piece description when the apartment is finally in order, and I can take pictures without having embarrassing messes all over the place!

Until then, enjoy this video called "The Ikea Song"!  The guy, Brad Go, is friends with my cousin Danielle.  They used to do film things together, and they even collaborated for a contest where they used my younger brother in the music video!  Dani posted it on my Facebook wall yesterday, and I keep playing it over and over because it's so catchy, and it's just plain ol' hilarious!  Having just bought a ton of IKEA furniture with weird names (Varde, Kivik, Expedit, Vika Amon, Aspelund, Jules, Henriksdal, etc.), my hubby and I just chuckled at the song AND the explanations for the names (click the links in the video itself!).

Ahhh, we love IKEA.  Thankfully, we can get a taste of IKEA soon since we have a bag of their Swedish meatballs in the freezer!

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