Friday, July 20, 2012

2 Month Celebration!

Yesterday was 2 months since Howard and I got married!  Instead of going out or ordering in, I made dinner at home.  We plan on going out for dinner or getting delivery/take-out hopefully only once a month so that we save money (this doesn't include the gift cards I've received from students!).  It's actually more fun this way because the food in restaurants doesn't entice us nearly as much as it used to since we can technically make anything we want (you know, other than SUSHI!).  Plus, we've actually started getting super thirsty after eating restaurant food because of the high salt content!  With that being said, every night is still a date night because we get to eat together!  

I decided it was time to wash the Mr. and Mrs. mugs that we got from one of our friends, Lisa, a while back when she went to WDW.  I had kept them in my house for quite some time, purposely saving them for when we actually were Mr. and Mrs.!  I took 'em out of the box and washed 'em so that we could have a delightful drink of Ocean Spray's Cran-Raspberry juice with our dinner.

Haha, you can also see our Disney pitcher in the back along with our Mickey salt and pepper grinders and timer on top of the microwave.  We love the Disney life!

For dinner, I made chicken drumsticks using Lawry's marinade.  I made 7 with the Caribbean Jerk Marinade with Papaya Juice (also has molasses, lime, exotic herbs and spices) and 6 with the Hawaiian Marinade with Tropical Fruit Juices (also includes pineapple, papaya, mango, honey, soy sauce, and ginger).  I've used it before, but this time I knew to use more of the marinade and leave it in the fridge in the bag longer as well.  I popped them in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes, and they came out SO much better than last time.  I really like the Caribbean Jerk one.  It has more of a kick to it.  I can definitely see buying that one again but not the Hawaiian one.

I also cooked romaine lettuce hearts, but that didn't turn out that good because the garlic gave it a slightly sour taste.  Then I had to CHEAT with the mashed potatoes and used frozen ones since the potatoes we had left had already rotted!  Ahhh, the things I'm learning as I cook as a wife!  Thankfully, Howard is very easygoing about everything!  He was the one comforting me last night when I was upset that the dinner didn't happen exactly as planned. 

Despite the few snafus with dinner, we still enjoyed our meal together as we always do!  We even got "gifts" in the shape of DIY monitor stands!  We went to IKEA on Wednesday with my family, and we picked up 2 Ekby Laiva shelves for $1.99 each along with 2 sets of Capita Legs for $10 each.  Following the directions on IKEA hackers, Howard built them for us so that we'd have more room on our shared table!  It was so much cheaper to do it this way because monitor stands cost a TON!  Pictures in the future when the desk is actually tidied!

At night, we relaxed with some TV shows on the computer and some crafting (well, I crafted, and Howard sat next to me at his computer).  Bridal shower thank you cards are almost done!  When they are, I can finally post a craft-related post on my blog!  Yay!  Until then ... :) 

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  1. I love you and look forward to many more monthversaries with you, even if you're unhappy with the food. I love that you put so much work into cooking for us everyday, I really appreciate it.

    ILYSL :)