Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Wee Bit of Me Wednesdays

{one} ice: crushed or cubed?
I'm not that big on ice because extra cold stuff can upset my stomach.  However, if I had to choose, I'd say cubed because then I don't have to worry about random chunks falling into my mouth trying to choke me!

{two} what is your worst traffic pet peeve?
People who drive right up behind my "butt" really annoy me!  It doesn't make me go any faster, and you can easily go around me.  Why do you have to be so close?  What happens if I slam on my brakes?  How fast is your reaction time?  Stop making me look in my rear view mirror!!!  I don't speed, so if you want to speed, get into the other lane!!!  Let me have my right lane with my safe driving speed!

{three} what room in your house best represents your personality?
I only have room in my house right now, and that's my own room.  It's cluttered and messy, but it's also very organized.  I need everything to be in the right place, or I won't put it away at all.  It showcases my perfectionism along with my laziness!  Haha.

{four} do you save old birthday cards?
If someone took the time to write something personal in the card, I have it.  I do the same for the cards I get from students around Christmas and at the end of the year.  If the kids took the time to write even a sentence that was more than just "Merry Christmas," I keep it.  I tell my students all the time that that's what I want, but they keep thinking I want stuff!  Then their parents write the generic "Dear Miss Ninja" and "Sincerely So-and-So."

{five} when was the last time you went on a picnic?
I don't remember the last time I've been on a picnic.  It sounds very relaxing and fun, but in reality, I'm not that big on the outdoors!  I think it'd be fun to get one of those lunches to go when at Animal Kingdom in 2 weeks and have a picnic somewhere in the park!

{six} do you regularly check your horoscope?
Nope.  I don't believe in it.

{seven} when you’re home, what do you wear on your feet?
Nothing!  I don't like wearing socks even though they do help me stay warm.  I'm more of a slippers and booties kind of girl because they don't create that much restriction.

{eight} what’s your favorite gambling game?
I don't gamble.

{nine} have you ever written (or started writing) a book?
I actually did try writing a story once.  I got a good 2 pages out, but then I was afraid that it wasn't unique.  I think writing a book is extremely difficult.  I don't really have many ideas, so that's why I'd rather write essays and articles and such.

{ten} what is your favorite musical?
I've seen a lot of musicals, but Wicked was the one that I enjoyed the most because I was excited to see Idina Menzel, who was the original Elphaba.  I think I have a personal connection to it as well because I had to sing "Popular" in my church's coffeehouse because I was cast as the popular girl!


  1. Did you read the book Wicked? I wasn't much of a fan of it, I liked the "dumbed" down version of the musical much better, the book was unnecessarily complicated I thought :)

  2. @lageorgiapaperie: I really tried reading it, but I had already read the reviews ahead of time that said it wasn't that good. I couldn't get into it! I do want to try reading a different Gregory Maguire book on my vacation though (or at least attempt to~). I can borrow it from the library onto my nook, so I don't have to feel bad buying something that I may or may not like.