Monday, January 30, 2012

Crafting with Students: "Some Birdy Loves You" Cards

Last Friday, I read the book Benji Explores Hong Kong by Virginia La Torre-Jeker to the 1st and 2nd graders for literacy.  I chose that one because (1) I had it in the bookshelf [my mom's friend met the author and had her sign it for us] and (2) I figured a Chinese book would be appropriate for Chinese New Year.  It was fun going through the pictures in the book and pointing out what made Hong Kong a little different than NYC.

The project was to make a card with stamped birds.  I used the Sandy Lion clear bird stamp and gave 3 birds on cardstock to each child.  They then had to draw a "scene" on the front showing something in NY or in the United States that the bird(s) might want to visit.  Most of them didn't do that, which I didn't really mind because they were still very into the project.  I felt it was about time to introduce the younger ones to the world of stamps!  I also brought in one of my phrases from Pink by Design's Woodland Critters set that says "Some Birdy Loves You."

Here are the finished products!  I just had to share their cards.  One of the 1st graders made the one I like the most (yes, I have a favorite project!).  You'll see why in just one moment.

I love how they all wanted to make their birds colorful!

This was by far my favorite in terms of the writing.  Haha, "to Mom and DaD.  I have a bird."

I gave them the foam adhesive squares so that the birds could pop up from the cards.

This one followed my original plan.  That's supposed to be a ferry even though it says cruise boat.  
These were the cards made by the 1st grade class.
Without a doubt, this was my favorite one!  She was so creative!  She did ask for another bird, which was fine because I had extra, but look at them sitting there on the telephone line!  So cute!
I'm glad that I get to do some sort of crafting each week for and with the little kids when I see them on Fridays.  I've been too busy to do any other crafting at this moment, but this gives me an opportunity to share my love!


  1. The birds on the telephone wires-what a hoot!!! That kid has a future as a crafter for sure! What a fun project to do with your class!

  2. What a wonderful collection of artwork from your little students, I agree with you, the one with the birds on the telephone wires is very cute. Good observation on the child's part as a lot of birds use our man made inventions to perch on, especially as we take away their trees.

  3. When I see ADORABLE things like this, I sorta wish I had gone into elementary ed rather than secondary. You just don't see this innocence in high school. I love the last one too haha So cute!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I was just telling my boyfriend the exact same thing too. It's so nice to find someone in the community that I share so many interests with! (It'll also come in handy when your WDW honeymoon rolls around and I get to live vicariously through you and your pics haha)

  4. Wow those little creations are great! And indeed the one with the phone line is specially cool. Hugs, Hanneke

  5. Great projects. (Cricutjunkie sent me) Hugs, Berni

  6. These are so great! Would love it if you posted them in our new That's Kids Challenge on my website. Could win a great prize. TFS Cathie

  7. WOW! These are so great! And super fun! Thanks for joining us over at the Creative Cutter Room! DT Member Carri

  8. Awww! How CUTE are these????? I love when kids write you special notes...I will say my favorite is the one "TO MOM AND DAD, I HAVE A BIRD"...makes me think of the little notes my son sent home for me!!! The kids are very talented and brought a smile to my face! Thanks for playing along at the Creative Cutter Room!!

  9. How sweet! I love seeing how little kids interpret stories into crafts. You have some very talented students.

    Thank you for joining us at CCR.

    CCR DT

  10. Those are so cute! Thanks for joining us at the CCR!

    DT Member Tracy

  11. That last card really is a beauty. I see a future crafter on the horizon!

  12. Wonderful projects! I love how you share your love of crafting with your kids....just awesome!

    I nominated you for a little blog award. Visit my blog for the details...

    Thanks for sharing your talent, Rachel!

  13. Hi Rachel, I am Virginia La Torre Jeker - author of the Benji Explores Hong Kong story that you read to your class. The story is now 22 years old! It made me smile to see your post about the book. I am a native New Yorker and currently visiting the US from my home in Dubai, UAE. I am visiting my son, Marc - Benji's sidekick! There are 2 other stories in the Benji series. One deals specifically w all the Chinese Festivals. Your class would surely learn a lot. I'd be happy to mail you the other books when I return to Dubai. If you Google my name and Benji Explores Hong Kong you'll see how Benji has helped impoverished children in Sri Lanka..... he is a helpful little bird ;) Email me at -- wishing you continued happiness and success -- Virginia La Torre Jeker