Monday, January 2, 2012

NaBloPoMo Prompt of the Day (Jan 2)

What did you do on New Years Day?

Bringing in 2012 was a little different than other years because it landed on a Sunday.  That meant that once midnight came, Howard had to leave my house soon after because we had church to go to in just a few hours!  Of course, that didn't stop me from finishing the episode of Lie to Me that we had started watching.  Yup, I brought in the new year addicted to a new show.  Alas, I only have 3 seasons of it to watch since it's already cancelled, but I'm sure it'll be entertaining while it lasts.

When I woke up for church, I wasn't really in the mood to go because I wasn't feeling the greatest.  I wanted to go to a local church, but the car I can drive needed gas, so I couldn't use it.  It actually worked out though because the Tylenol kicked in, and I felt fairly decent throughout the day.  I was very grateful for that!  The sermon was very appropriate for the new year, and I hope that I can "press on toward the goal" even as 2012 brings a million changes in my life.

Sunday School was about the life of Joseph, and any time we study those chapters, I can't help but think of the word "orchestrate."  As readers, we can see the big picture in how God chose to "arrange, organize, or build up for special or maximum effect" even though Joseph couldn't see it at the time that those negative things were occurring in his life.  I wish that I knew how not to freak out as things happen in my life!

For lunch, a bunch of us took the easy route and decided to just get McDonald's.  The idea of McNuggets with sweet and sour sauce just appealed to us!  Considering I'm not 18 anymore though, I couldn't eat with reckless abandon, haha.  After a few, I had to stop.  Don't worry though; I just nom nom nom-ed them when I got home after taking a much-needed nap in the car.

Once at home, I tried to relax despite knowing that it was my last night to enjoy vacation as I didn't have to wake up with an alarm the next morning.  I continued with my new Lie to Me addiction and watched 3 more episodes on Netflix.  I ended the rest of my night with a shower, dinner, and reading material (Learn Me Gooder by John Pearson and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling - I switch between the two even though they're completely different, haha).

It may have seemed like I had an uneventful first day of 2012 (I mean, we didn't even have any Martinelli's, haha), but that's exactly the kind of day that I like.  I'm all about no frills and no thrills.  Give me the mundane, everyday events, and I'm perfectly content!  It's just not as interesting to blog about ... hehe.

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  1. Love that you're okay with the no frills and no thrills, even for New Year's!

    Praying that God really works in your life as He prepares you for the million changes in 2012! One of them being married to me ;)