Wednesday, October 2, 2013

3-D Envelopes

On Friday night, my cousin Danielle emailed me to ask if I had a birthday card for Chloe's Sweet 16.  She said that if she was going to buy a card, she'd rather buy it from me.  Yay for a sale!  She specifically wanted an envelope that would fit her gift inside it.  She took a picture of it, and I knew it wouldn't fit inside a regular envelope, so I decided to try making a 3-D envelope.  I did a quick Google search and followed the instructions at Paper Loves Glue.

I was rather pleased with how it turned out and how it could easily fit cards with larger embellishments or anything else you might want to send that's thicker than a typical card.  The blog where I got the directions did say it would require 2 stamps because of its thickness, but it's nice not having to go out and purchase an envelope like this.  I ended up redoing it in kraft cardstock since the pink one was the tiniest bit crooked, and the kraft matched the birthday candle card that Danielle bought.

I used my Papertrey Ink alphabet die to cut out the letters for Chloe's name to affix to the envelope.  I really like using dies or stamps to write names on envelopes so that I don't risk messing it up or not centering it properly.  That stuff really bothers me!

Since I had my Cuttlebug out to use my dies, I decided to cut out more letters so that I could use them on the envelope of the card Howard and I were giving to her.  I just had to snap a picture of this because as I was getting the letters and arranging them on the table to see what I was missing, he got confused as to what I was spelling!  It was for "cookadabee," which is the nickname I gave to Chloe many years ago because I call my other cousin Nicolette "Nikadabee."

I'm glad I was able to find a way to make a thicker envelope!  Man, what did people do before Google and Pinterest?

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