Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The 9/24/11 Wedding Card

This past Saturday was a day of 2 weddings!  A couple from my church had their marriage celebration and my cousin finally married his long-time girlfriend!  It was the perfect timing for me to make my first wedding card.  I wanted it to be something simple and elegant.  I decided to go with the bride and groom silhouette cuts on the Sweethearts cartridge.

I was very surprised at how well it cut especially since the things coming down from the flowers and the bride's arm are very thin!  From what I remember, I cut it at 4 inches.  The card itself is not an A2 (I don't know my sizes, but it's the one bigger than that!).  I chose red for the background because it's supposed to be a "lucky" color in the Chinese culture for things like weddings.  I also chose the yellow ribbon to be the "gold."  Very traditional Chinese colors for good luck (not that I believe in the power of colors, but it's nice to use them because they're so traditional for us).  The sentiment is from Pink by Design's "Scripted Year" set.

The bride and groom at church told me that they loved the card, so I was very excited!  My cousin got the card from my parents (I made a different card from my fiance and me).  It was a bit of a challenge doing this because it wasn't a cutesy card, but despite how simple it may look, I really like how it turned out!  It's definitely the kind of card that can be easily mass produced.


  1. Gorgeous, Rachel! Love the diecut--it's perfect for a wedding. I love the sentiment font, too!

  2. Something about this card reminds me of the 1950's. Maybe the mix of colors. Whatever it is; I like it!

  3. Fantastic card! I love how the cricut does such fine cuts that would be impossible for us to make with scissors. Love it!

  4. What a gorgeous elegant card!! Amazing the fine detail of it! Beautiful font too! x

  5. Rachel, you won a Cricut Cartridge my dear friend and awesome follower! Let me know your deets when you get a chance and I'll send it out to you!! Thanks for being such an awesome follower and come and check out how many folks are there to say congrats too! :O)

    {Hugs & Blessings},