Sunday, January 16, 2011

Video #2: My Very Own Cricut Expression!

After the long wait, I finally got my own Cricut Expression!  I recounted the story in another post, but when I decided to buy one, I used my reward points from my credit card to get a Walmart gift card.  That took a while to get to my house.  Then I had to order from Walmart through site-to-store to save on shipping and THAT took a while.  It's about time that it's now in my possession!  I got it yesterday, and Howard recorded my opening it! 

I'll do a post some other time about the rest of the day and the whole experience of actually picking it up, but I wanted to post this first!  SO EXCITING!


  1. :D I make an appearance in the video, actually. The bit of black towards the end of the video are my pants!

    Haha you were so excited, I can't believe you could speak so clearly! I probably would've just mumbled and went off on tangents and everything. You're great :)

  2. Hehe, you are so biased! I think we should try it out; let's have YOU make a video next time!

  3. How fun for you! I felt like a kid at Christmas, I was too excited with anticipation for you, I couldn't wait to see what came next.
    You will have lots of fun with it.
    Feel free to check in with me anytime for inspiration. Chances are I got mine from someone to. Have fun!

  4. @senditagain: It's so exciting! I think this is better than my childhood at Christmas because I used to get a lot of clothes and velvet dresses for the NEXT Christmas season, haha. I'm thrilled every time I look at it in my room!

    I'll definitely be checking your blog for inspiration!

  5. you are so cute! i know your enthusiasm makes you a wonderful teacher! i am so happy for you! to me when i was watching your video i thought it looked more pink than i assumed it would be. i was thinking it would be a lot darker and more purple. i'm a pink girl so was afraid to get this one. lol. enjoy!!

  6. @kimmie: Thanks! I think I'm enthusiastic because I'm still just a big kid. Haha, that's why I still have a Barbie playset behind my door! I love Disney as you can see by my shirt. I'm just so excited about how I can use this machine to make fun stuff for my class or students!

    Yeah, you're right about it not really being that dark. It's lighter than the website, I think. I just expected it to be lighter because I saw someone else's video of it before I ordered. I guess it all has to do with lighting. It's darker in real life than it is in the video, in my opinion.

  7. You're so cute! I love how excited you are about it! Heehee

    Love the tee BTW too!