Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Cleaning Challenge (Um, PBD #14?)

After completing this past Saturday's 13 challenges for Pink by Design, the apartment was definitely messier than before I started!  With the time constraints, I ended up just piling all my materials behind me on my folding table so that I could move on to the next challenge once one was done.  After over 12 hours of crafting (minus the time to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner), I had crafting supplies everywhere!

This picture is a somewhat tidier version of what it looked like during the actual challenges because at least I pushed everything together.  I worked at the computer table that I share with Howard, so I had stuff like ink to the left of me and scraps and stamps under my monitor stand and my ATG to the right.  At some points, I even had materials in front of Howard!  The table behind me held scraps, my trimmer, MORE PBD stamps, and other odds and ends that I kept losing when I needed them.  I had a paper bag on the floor for scraps to recycle.  I also had my little pail of Copics and a few assorted Bics mixed in there as well.  Against the Expedit room divider, you can see my Cricut on the floor on the box.  I haven't yet set up its permanent residence.  On top of the DVDs on the top shelf, I put my Martha Stewart scoreboard as well as my box of buttons so that I'd have easy access to them as well.

Here's a close-up of the little table.  It's my intention to use this table to craft on directly as I did when I had it at my parents' house.  I bought it from IKEA cuz you know how much I love that place!.

My dear Howard was kind enough to take the photos of the cards for me so that I didn't have to spend time doing that.  I don't know how I would've been able to finish all of the cards and photograph as well!  They would've come out poorly!  We used the counter and the blue wall behind it.  I set up my Ott Lite there as well.  You can also see that as I took out paper stacks, I just plopped them down on one of our bar chairs since I didn't have time to put it away.  By the way, the chairs do not have their covers on them yet.  We're still in clean mode since finally got our washer/dryer recently, which means no more people in and out of our apartment!  I didn't want our actual covers to be put on them until it was just us.

The next night, I began tidying up by trimming my scraps to keep the pieces that are still usable.  There was one piece from my home decor project that I was going to toss, but Howard stopped me for a second.  I joked that I would hang it up, so I took a piece of tape and stuck it to my monitor as we watched the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy (the one episode that I made H watch that got him interested).  It's still on my monitor as we speak!  Haha, just kidding.

Was the mess worth it?  Definitely!  It got me into crafting mode!  I hope I take advantage of the rest of the summer break!  I mean, other than my wedding thank you cards (bridal shower thank you cards are almost done!), I have to get working on cards for the bake sale.  Pretty soon it'll be November!!!

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