Friday, August 5, 2011

Failed Technique

I love trying new techniques!  When I see a new thing done on someone's card, I start looking at the cost of the materials that are required.  One technique that I saw recently was posted on the Pink by Design message board.  One of the design team members showed a whole tutorial with pictures about how to do embossed embossing.  You can find that thread by clicking here.  Her card is absolutely beautiful (minus the Wizard of Oz stuff ... I've been scared of it since I was a kid, haha!).

Well, I decided to give it a go a few weeks ago.  The first thing I did was use my VersaMark ink pad to ink up my cardstock.  Then I poured on the embossing powder.

I heated the whole thing up so that it would melt, and I was left with this.

Well, the mistake I was made was that I tried to use a Fiskars plate instead of an embossing folder because I wanted a particular design for the card I had in mind.  To use them though, I have to use 2 shims, which are actually just pieces from a cereal box.  I've had these pieces since I first got the Fiskars plate and my Cuttlebug months ago.  I don't have them anymore though!

I guess the sandwich was much too thick because it actually got stuck IN my Cuttlebug!  The cereal box rolled up INTO the rollers of the machine.  I was so afraid I wasn't going to be able to get it out, but obviously you can see that I did manage.  I had to somehow get my plates out (thankfully without breaking any of them!), and then I rolled backwards to get the pieces out.  Haha, I haven't attempted this technique again at this point, but next time, I'm using a good ol' fashioned embossing folder!

Have you ever tried a new technique that just failed?  


  1. Hey, I admire you for trying, and for being daring enough to tell us it didn't work for you! I used to think I could only share my best artwork, but sometimes it's okay to say, "I tried it and didn't like it" or "this isn't my favorite." Are you going to try again?

  2. LOL! Yep, I've tried many techniques that haven't worked (sometimes I never figure out where I went wrong!). Glad you were able to extract the shim.