Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye Irene!

Praise God that Irene is gone!  Phew!  We didn't suffer any damage to the house, and we didn't have any flooding either.  We lost power from 5pm last night to 10am this morning, so 17 hours without electricity was the worst of it.  I'll write more some other time.  I'm just happy to be online again and catching up on blogs!  And yes, during the power outage, I did craft by flashlight!  I'll post those soon!


  1. That's dedication! Glad everything is okay for you :)

  2. I'm so glad that everything is ok with you... thank God that you and your family are ok. I was so concerned that I was up the whole night looking at the window making sure no tree would fall. Scary , but I'm so glad we are all ok.

    thks for your comment.


  3. Glad you didn't get hit too badly by Irene, and I can't wait to see your flashlight-crafted projects!