Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Lure of Die Cuts With a View

Since I started crafting, I was very interested in the brand Die Cuts With a View or DCWV for short.  However, I didn't want to invest in that paper for 2 reasons:
  1. It can be rather expensive because it's basically $10 for a 48-sheet paper pad (they're really $20, but they go on sale for $10 or you can use a 50% off).
  2. The cardstock is so pretty that I knew that if I had it, I wouldn't want to cut into it and actually use it!
Well, I did end up buying one on sale for $10 back in January.  The reason for that is because it was the Stack 7, and that included 180 sheets meaning it was only $.06 a sheet.  Deal!  Of course, this was a stack of patterned paper and not cardstock, which means it's flimsy.  Oh, and I apologize for the weird picture.  At first, it wouldn't rotate.  Now that it's rotated, it's distorted.  This is really a 12x12 paper stack.

After that purchase, I really only admired DCWV.  I loved flipping through the stacks at the stores and feeling their weight.  I wanted to get some (ex. Mango Frost is one that I really like with all that glitter!), but I figured that if I was cutting paper just for layers on a card, it didn't matter if it was printed paper and not cardstock.  It just wasn't worth it.  Even when I went to Marshalls and found a bunch of 8x8 stacks and 12x12 stacks for MUCH cheaper than even the best sale price at the other stores, I didn't get any other than the 8x8 Far East stack for my cousin's scrapbook.

Well, this past week, I actually bought a DCWV stack at Michaels on clearance!  It was $6.99 (too bad it wasn't $2!), but one look at the prints drew me in.  Haha, it's called the "Hitting the Books" stack, so you can tell right away why I would like something like this!

I love it so much, I did actually take a picture of every single design.  Click on the individual pics for a more detailed image if interested!


So as you can see, there was definitely a good enough reason to spend $7 on that stack!  I'd never pay the full $19.99 on it, but clearance and sales really do tempt me.  I love the glitter and the prints!  I can't wait to use this paper in a project although at the same time, I'm thinking that once I cut into a paper, I'll be sad!  I hope I don't make any mistakes!


  1. Ooooo thats a cute stack! I love the DCWV stacks, I have quite a few. My all time favorite is the Guy Stack :)

  2. @The Accidental Wallflower: I'm really hoping I don't get drawn into buying DCWV stacks! Haha. Besides the fact that I don't have a NEED for paper right now, it'll also be a huge chunk of money because I could totally go crazy!

  3. DCWV is my favorite stack company! I love it! I am now a follower, and I would love for you to follow me too! :)

  4. @Amy: They make such GREAT paper! Haha, that's bad for our wallets!