Thursday, June 23, 2011

Using Craft Thread Instead of Twine

For those of you who follow blogs and the latest trends, you'll notice that one of the hugest things lately is baker's twine in many different colors.  I like how people use it to tie bows or thread buttons or wrap cards.  I imagined it was also much easier to use than ribbon!  It just creates a different look.  I, however, was not willing to invest in twine.  Though there are many sites that have it cheaper than others, I wasn't sure how much I would like it and what colors to get.  I also knew that I'd be worried about wasting twine on a card by cutting off more than I needed!

That problem was solved when I remembered that they had packs of craft thread or floss at AC Moore!  I thought, "Ooo, if I use a 50% off coupon, I can get a TON of colors for only a few dollars!"  And that's exactly what I did!  I bought the huge jumbo pack for about $6.  Please don't mind the crazy yellowing in this picture.  It was clearly before I got my Ott-Lite!!!

I had it for a while, but I never used it until last week.  I decided to try wrapping it around the base cardstock.  The rectangles in this card were kind of based off a sketch with 3 rectangles, but I realized I couldn't finish the whole thing since I didn't have enough room.  Either way, I do like that it's different than what I normally make, and I threw in some patterned paper in there as well as the craft thread!

I used a lot of tape to secure it in the back because I wasn't sure if it would stay.  Of course, you can't see it because it's adhered to the card itself!  The bunny stamp is from a Sandy Lion set that I found on clearance at Michaels for $5.  It's probably one of my favorite sets (that and the "boy" version too!).  The sentiment is very Pink by Design as always!  

When I initially "finished" this card, it didn't have the buttons or sketched dashes around it.  The latter was easy to add on, but the buttons required a bit more work.  I actually pulled the bottom right corner of the rectangle off the card so I could pull the tape off that piece of floss.  I then threaded the 2 buttons onto the floss and then used a bit of ATG to adhere it in place.  I think the addition of the buttons makes it more balanced because before that, the button seemed kind of empty.


  1. I really like this card! When you first showed it to me, I didn't notice the stitching detail around the edges, but then you pointed it out and that made me like it even more. Great job! :D

  2. @HowWeird: Thanks!!! I wonder if you get bored since you get a previous of most of my cards via the webcam! Haha. I should stop showing them to you :D

  3. I was surprised to see random stringing going on since I expected you to have made it more structured [perhaps in a sewing stitch motif or something]. Way to live dangerously! heehee :D

  4. @kay: Haha, I still think it's a little too structured. When other people use twine, it goes every which way, making it look super cool!

  5. I love using embroidery floss on my projects! You can hand sew with it as well (just use 2-3 strands). Love it!
    Cute card!

  6. @The Accidental Wallflower: Thanks, Lindsey! I'll have to keep that in mind. When I tried sewing something else, it was too thick, and I didn't know what to do about it! Thanks for the tip!