Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Disney Drawer

I always think that I'm going to add a ton of splashes of Disney in my classroom when I set it up, but it doesn't usually happen. The prevailing theme has always been penguins (my former students went overboard with buying me everything penguin!), encouraging Bible verses (sometimes posted more for my benefit than the students' benefit!), and order (all desks and books need to be neat, no clutter). Sure, some may say that's not really a theme, but that's the benefit of teaching in middle school! We don't have to fully decorate our rooms the way elementary teachers do. In my eyes, I can't handle the busyness anyway. I remember that during my childhood years in school, I'd sometimes stare at posters when I was bored in social studies when we just read from the textbook.

As I "decorated" today (aka hung up those few posters), I found the little Mulan pictures that my friend/mentor teacher gave to me each time it came up in her calendar. Years ago, all the 8th grade girls and the 8th grade female teachers (there were only 3 of us at the time versus the whopping 4 of us now!) identified with a particular Disney princess. Being the only Asian, of course I was Mulan, haha. I had no arguments about that though because she rocks. I found them in the room despite skipping a year of teaching last year, and instead of putting them up anywhere visible since that "theme" was from a few years ago, I taped them to the drawer of my desk.

I know it'll make me smile when I see them more so because it reminds me of how they'd show up on my desk out of nowhere and because I know my colleague will see them too since she is teaching in my room this year!

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