Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday in Pictures

Posting these pictures yesterday would have made more sense than posting them tonight, but I took a rather long nap after church. The previous post was scheduled and was published at 8pm while I was in bed and incessantly pushing snooze. Oh well!

I was super happy yesterday to see my dear friend at church again with her baby! We were able to catch up after service and Sunday School were finished. Then baby Gabby woke up, and I had the chance to carry her once more though it wasn't for long because she was getting fussy probably because of the heat. Even so, I savor every moment with this little one and am excited to watch her grow up! It's so strange when it's your friends and family from your generation having kids! It's so different!

Once we said goodbye, Howard and I headed to one of our go-to restaurants to order lunch. Instead of waiting at the restaurant for our food, we've been going to the Chinese supermarket nearby to pick up fruit and vegetables. It's just easier to do that as opposed to walking farther to check the stands set up on the sidewalk. It's such a busy street that in the heat, it can be pretty annoying especially when there are a lot of tourists around, so going to the supermarket just makes more sense. I specifically watched the prices at the register yesterday and was just amazed at how each item was less than $2. You can't get those prices at Stop & Shop or Target!

Once that was done, we went back to the restaurant to pick up our order. We very rarely eat at church since we enjoy a snack before Sunday School so we're not as hungry. Plus, eating Chinese food at home is better for me because I can have a large mug of tea to hopefully prevent me from feeling off. I also love how there's usually enjoy to eat again that night so we never cook dinner on Sundays either.

It's becoming a ritual to do those things on Sundays, which I like because it means I pretty much know what to expect each week. Considering how neurotic I can be, any type of schedule keeps me calm!

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