Friday, September 5, 2014

The Last Day

Today was the last day for us teachers to prepare for the new school year. I pretty much finished my classroom the day before other than having to make and put my room sign for my door. I also forgot to bring in my laminated and magnetized "Aim," "Do Now," "Lesson Steps," and "Homework" strips, but I can just pop those on when I go back. We had about 3 hours of training in the morning for RenWeb since now our school is finally moving towards doing everything online. The afternoon, however, was just time allotted for working in the classroom. Since I didn't have anymore room setup to handle and I was just not in the mood to do planning or edit the letters I send out in the beginning of the year, my next door neighbor teacher Caroline and I went downstairs to hang out in our friend Melanie's room who is teaching 1st grade this year. After just chatting for a while, Melanie got back to getting ready, so we were able to help her by punching out the letters for the bulletin board.

Those things can be rather annoying to take apart when you desperately need the letters in a rush. They're also frustrating when you're doing for yourself! But it was a productive use of our time to help out a friend! I also just love that these past 3 days, I felt as if I were returning home after being away for an entire year (not including the days I went in to sub). I love my colleagues, and whether we are celebrating over good news or venting due to frustrations, it really makes all the difference to be in an atmosphere where you know your brothers and sisters in Christ will be there for you.

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