Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cheating the Clock

Okay, so technically it is no longer Tuesday since it's :12:24am, but I'm going to cheat and post the time to be before 12, haha (or fix it tomorrow morning since I can't seem to get it to work as I type on my phone).

There's only so much grading a teacher can do in one day! I actually had to explain to the 6th graders today that they were not my only class and that grading ELA assignments actually takes longer than math. Literature tests or homework assignments take quite some time because I write comments and make corrections since I hope the students will learn from their mistakes. I think it's hard for them to understand that outside of school, I have other responsibilities as well. I don't mind if they ask if I have graded a test, but if I say no, it does bug me when they continue to ask when they will get it back. My response is to say they will get it back when it is graded! It's not as if I purposely hang on to these things for the fun of it!

With that being said, it's definitely time to go to sleep. I had to dig out my fleece blanket last night because I couldn't fall asleep and realized I just couldn't get warm. Hopefully, I will fall asleep faster tonight. If anything, the idea of more grading might just konk me out before I finish typing thi ...

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