Friday, September 19, 2014

Peace Out

Dear Wasp, 

See what happens when you come into my classroom? You die. You and all your friends need to stay out of the building and out of my lights. If you really think it's necessary to be in the lights, you should stay there until you fry and die because I'm getting sick and tired of you guys pulling my students' attention away from my lesson and also forcing me to pretend that it's okay that you're hanging out by my windows. 

Stop making me waste my time in calling the front desk or calling maintenance to tell them there's a wasp flying in the room but then disappearing when they arrive to deal with you. Stop making me spend time trying to get the kids to turn back towards me and then eventually having to relocate my class to the library or some other available classroom. I know you might think that my math lessons on prime factorization or my ELA lessons on the irony of Maupassant's story "The Necklace" are interesting, but trust me, it doesn't do you any good. Get it through your heads; you are not welcome in 311!

A teacher who didn't want to get too close to the wasp in the picture for fear that it was just playing dead and would attack me if I lifted the blinds

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