Monday, September 15, 2014

Back Burner

I have all these ideas of what I want to write down on my blog when big things happen. For example, I wanted to write about how and why I returned to teaching once the school year started. Then there was a barbecue at my sister-in-law's house a few weeks ago along with my nephew's one-month celebration last week. On Saturday, there was a bridal shower for my cousin who's getting married in less than a month! Of course, I didn't finish our Lancaster trip either. And then today, I turned 30! Yes, I am now 30 years old!

Alas, the blog has to be placed on the back burner because school definitely takes priority. Despite the fact that it was my birthday today, I did actually get a good amount of work done. Howard and I didn't really have a big celebration, but we're not really into that sort of thing anyway although I was hoping to have dinner with friends just because it was a milestone birthday. The busyness of September kind of prevented it from happening though. Oh well, there will always be birthdays the following year, God-willing!

Hubs did get me the book light I've been thinking about for some time because when I get to bed, I sometimes have the urge to write in my journal or read, but I don't have a lamp on my side of the bed (no electrical outlet is close enough). I've tried using a flashlight, but it's just way too bright when it's so close to the pages. I had it in my Amazon shopping cart for a while and was waiting to build up gift cards again, but even so, I knew it was a "luxury" item that wasn't needed, so it was definitely fun that he got it for me!

He also brought heroes home for dinner since I wasn't in the mood for anything else. I don't really like going out to eat in general because I'm much more comfortable being at home just in case I don't feel well. I would go out though, but the fact that I have work tomorrow means that I'd be thinking about it the entire time. Instead, maybe we'll go out on a Friday or Saturday in the next few weeks when we don't have a million things on our plates. He also surprised me by bringing home some goat cheese and gorgonzola cheese! Haha, what a dear that he brought home some stinky cheese just for me since he doesn't like it at all! When we were in Lancaster, I loved the Smoke Shop at Kitchen Kettle Village and being able to try cheeses. Oh, and by "try cheese," I mean try like 3 and then decide I might as well just have 3 huge chunks of blue cheese instead of testing others.

You know what really meant the most to me though? The fact that as I graded papers in an attempt to catch up (what teacher is ever really caught up up paperwork?), hubs filled my water bottle for tomorrow and made and packed my lunch for me since I like doing it the night before. You know what's even more amazing? He'd totally do it for me even when it's not my birthday.

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