Sunday, August 10, 2014


It turned out to be one of those "nap for HOURS after church" kind of days, so I missed my 12am deadline to post here, but I'm finally awake now to do a tiny bit of light writing. I didn't get as much sleep last night as I normally do, and the acetaminophen made me extra sleepy too. Even though it's not really the kind of thing that makes people drowsy, it knocks me out especially when I take the full dosage.

With that being said, it's definitely not a "bare my soul" kind of post. I think I should do those more often because writing in a public forum or even in a private journal is very therapeutic for me. When it's published online, it also forces me to edit and think through what I want to say so that it's coherent instead of babbling (though sometimes babbling can be very relaxing too!). But when it's late at night, it's more likely that I'll post these types of updates!

Recently I signed up for the "First Look" program at Bath & Body Works via an email they sent me. Last week, I got an email with the title "The freebie you've been waiting for!" and saw this when I opened it:

Who doesn't love freebies? I used to love them just because it was something free, of course, but now I do really appreciate them for their intended purpose of being able to try out the product. When it comes to personal care products, it's a great opportunity to test out whether the formula or scent works for me. I was eager to try one of the new Artisan fragrances. 

My purchase was a pink Pocketbac holder, which was only $0.54 including the tax. I love these things (and it's the cheapest thing to buy in the store)! Though I use Purell for my hands before eating when I don't have access to a sink, I like the BBW Pocketbacs for the times when I don't mind a scent in hand sanitizer. I constantly switch bags depending on the weather or my mood, but I don't always switch the Pocketbac holder. This way I'll have another one to add. They really do come in handy for me though! This past week I got blood on my hands when I was picking up packages of ground beef in the supermarket! I didn't have easy access to hand sanitizer, so I actually had to wait until I got to the car and asked my mom for Purell since I didn't want to dig around in my bag and get it all gross. Then when we went to another supermarket, there was brown gunk at the top of one of the corn cobs I was shucking, and that got all over my hands and under my nails too! Yuck.

Anyway, I did try the Peach & Honey Almond lotion at the store, but the scent was too overpowering for me. That lasted for hours, and it was too sweet for me. Instead, I picked the Lemon Pomegranate Cream scent in a shower gel because I don't need lotion. I haven't tried it out yet, but I do like the lemon scent I get from the bottle. I just love how citrus is so bright and wakes me up!

As for the candle, I thought I would like the Blackberry Bramble Tea scent since I love their London Calling (Tea & Lemon) and Nectarine Green Tea. The blackberry one wasn't pleasing to me though and neither were any of the other options. I guess I'm not too big a fan of fall scents! The one I didn't mind much was actually the Wasabi Apple, which is the oddest thing because that was the one I thought would be gross based on the name. I guess it wouldn't make sense if it really did have a STRONG wasabi smell as if you were getting a plate of sushi! When I showed Howard when he got home from work, I described it as a fall apple candle since it had deeper, muskier notes as opposed to the light fruity apple scents that their spring candles would have. It'll be interesting to see what it smells like when being burned.

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