Friday, August 1, 2014

A Slightly Disneyfied Burger

I remember how there weren't as many fast food locations when I was growing up. Or maybe it was because my parents didn't really take us to eat fast food except on the rarest of occasions and when we were driving down to Florida. We would stop at a Wendy's, but the only thing I was willing to eat was the baked potato because I didn't like burgers yet, and they didn't have chicken nuggets on their menu yet!

As I got older, I enjoyed going a bit more often, but then once I got to the age where I could technically get it whenever I wanted, the excitement was gone. Haha, I guess it's just the thrill of the occasion that used to entice me more often. Even so, there are times that fast food restaurants are a good place to stop for a quick bite to eat. A few days ago, stopping at Wendy's with my mom was one of the highlights since we were actually both starving because we hadn't yet eaten lunch!

We normally only get the value menu items, but this time we splurged on the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger. The burgers on the regular menu are always better than the value menu ones in the first place, but this one was even tastier because of the thick-cut bacon, the cheese sauce (could have used more though!), and the pretzel bun. This is not a good picture of it at all since mine was a little lopsided, but it was just a quick snapshot to document it before I devoured it. It does remind me a tiny bit of Disney World since I love getting the cheese sauce at Cosmic Ray's, Pecos Bill, or Casey's Corner. Plus, the pretzel bun reminded me of the pretzel breadsticks at Le Cellier. I'd definitely get this again!

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