Sunday, August 3, 2014

Snack Time in Chinatown

After morning service at church, Howard and I usually pick up something to eat during the beginning of Sunday School. It's something the majority of us do considering our church is in Chinatown, and we're surrounded by good eats that most of us can't get on a daily basis. Lately, we've been getting "pai-gwut cheung," which I can't quite translate exactly. Haha, it's basically little pieces of steamed spare rib with noodles. It's kind of an appetizer size, but it is much more filling than a "bou" or bread/pastry/bakery item.  

However, that means that once Sunday School is over and we're ready to pick up lunch, we're not always hungry to eat what we get. Other times we just bring it home because of time or because it's better for me to eat it with a hot cup of tea. 

Since we've been visiting my grandma at the rehab center (praise God she's out of the hospital and looks better each time we see her!) right after church, I knew I wouldn't necessarily last until we got home to eat our food. While we were picking up some fruits and veggies at the Hong Kong Supermarket, Howard and I each chose a snack item to munch on once we got to the car. I've actually never had Yan Yan before. It's the same concept as like, Dunkaroos or the Nutella snacks nowadays in that there are biscuit sticks in the container along with a separate section for the frosting/cream to dip. I chose the chocolate on the left, and Howard chose the hazelnut one on the right.

It was a rather yummy treat! I mentioned to Howard that these would make great road trip snacks. I like that they don't get your fingers all gooey the way chocolate Pocky does sometimes. The only minor flaw was that I probably could have used a little bit more chocolate! For $0.89 a package, I think this might be something I'll want to get again in the future as a special treat.


  1. Do not buy made in China snacks or candy. Very bad ingredients. Thanks why all made in China food is soooooo cheap.


    1. Thanks for the info! Is it the same for the snacks made in Japan like this one is?