Monday, August 4, 2014

Scheduling the Summer

Before I fell asleep last night, I emailed myself a schedule for today. I listed the hours of the day starting at 7am and what I wanted to accomplish within that time frame. The first hour was easier with just waking up and brushing my teeth, taking my medicine, doing my devotions, eating breakfast, and starting a load of laundry. I check email and all that in the morning as well. Then the rest of the tasks in the day included things like washing the bathroom sink and mirror, vacuuming (hardwood floors mean my hair is everywhere all the time; sorry, hubs!), doing the dishes, tying up boxes for recycling, and putting items away in the top shelf of the closet. There were other items on the list that I didn't accomplish, but I really felt so productive! I didn't feel guilty at the end of the day when Howard got home like I do on some other days (the guilt is from my own expectations of myself and not from him!). 

I have to say I love Howard's non-iron shirts! I just hang them up to dry, and they're wearable!
I think I just have to function that way. I usually do "To Do" lists, but sometimes it's too intimidating because I'll put 30 things on the list knowing I'll only be able to accomplish 10. I figure it gives me a chance to choose which ones I want to do that day, but then I feel guilty for avoiding the more difficult tasks. Plus, writing down the times gave me a general schedule to stick to even though my timing ended up being off as the day progressed. I'm hoping that this is a helpful method for me. 

Crossing my fingers this method works tomorrow too!

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