Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Beautiful Place to Grade

I spent this past weekend catching up on grading because progress report grades were due by Sunday night. I thought that I was going to be able to keep up to date with grading for at least a few weeks, but this cold really knocked the energy out of me. I'm usually exhausted anyway by the time I get home and tend to nap either right away or after I take a shower when it's late at night. Then I'll wake up and get work done from 11pm-1am or so. I seem to be more productive that way because I just work as quickly as I can. However, today I had one of those naps where I had to sleep because of a headache and not just because I was tired. Of course, that meant another day went by without catching up on grading. Whoops, sorry, kids! You'll just have to wait until after the weekend. They know I'm sick anyway because I clearly have a nasal voice and am coughing too, so hopefully they'll excuse the tardiness! I should also be able to get maybe a quiz or two graded tomorrow morning since there's no meeting like there was today.

I think it'd be so much easier to grade if I had the room for it though. I hate feeling squished at my computer table. I think about getting a card table or a folding table that I can store for grading. I already have a table like that, but my Cricut and Silhouette machines are on it behind me, and I don't want to keep moving those if I don't have to. Each time I move one to use the other, I'm afraid I'll accidentally drop it!

Then as I was looking for a random picture to add to today's update, I decided to use this gem from a recent update in my trip report. How AMAZING would it be if I could grade outside at one of those tables in the Magic Kingdom with the background music, being so close to the castle and the castle shows, and the hustle and bustle of people walking around without technically being IN the craziness? When I grade, I typically have something playing on Netflix, but it has to be something that I know well so that it doesn't affect my concentration. Magic Kingdom "noise" would be the greatest background sounds!

Oh, I can dream!

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