Thursday, October 9, 2014

Missed Deadline

I missed the 12am deadline once again. After I got back home from work, I made some food for Howard since he didn't really have a chance to make anything himself. In the morning before I left for work, I got water in a tumbler, water in bottles, Vitamin Water, pretzels, Cheerios and a bowl, peanut butter crackers, and his pain relievers so that he wouldn't have to move around much. But unfortunately, there's was no way for me to leave food-food for him.

Once we both ate and we talked about our day, we were both tired, so we took a nap that lasted a few hours! He was in the bed under the covers, and I was on top of the covers with a fleece blanket since I hadn't showered yet.

That's how I spent my afternoon into the night. Sleeping. Yet I'm still so tired! I'm sure the exhaustion is from the worry, so I'm praying for a speedy recovery for my hubs so he can get back on his feet!

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