Saturday, October 18, 2014

Laundry Adventures

The weekends used to be a time for relaxation, but now our washer has completely given up on functioning. That means that we need to go to my parents' house to get the laundry done. Thankfully, they're okay with our doing this because I can't imagine having to wait in a laundromat. At least at my parents' house, I can eat and relax. Best of all, I can have a cup of tea and talk with my mom! 

Today I told Howard to stay at home. He started a medication this morning, and I wasn't sure if he'd have side effects from it. Plus, he still hasn't had time to just give his foot a rest because he went to work this entire week when he still needed time to recover. I lugged two loads of laundry using deluxe utility totes from Thirty-One (seriously, it's their greatest product ever along with their large utility tote) to the elevator. Strangely, I was there waiting for quite some time! I actually went back to the apartment and rang the doorbell for Howard to open it because I didn't know what to do! He got ready to help me carry it down the stairs when I finally heard the "ding" of the elevator. Of course, running back with two heavy bags meant I missed it, haha. But it did come back after another 30 seconds or so when I pressed the button. It gave me just enough time to snap this picture on my phone!

The first load took longer to dry because I did have two towels in there and two pairs of sweatpants. I ended up just bringing Howard's work shirts and our work pants back home instead of drying them at my parents' house. I'm used to hanging the stuff up on our Ikea drying rack anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. It was the first time I had to hang up 15+ shirts at once though!

Hopefully, it'll get a little easier to do laundry because once I popped the first load in, I went to Target to pick up Woolite and a plastic bin to do some hand washing. I can at least get my work tops done that way especially since I don't want to stick them in a washing machine anyway. Of course, the Up & Up brand was only $4.85 after the 10% Cartwheel offer as compared to the $8.99 I would've paid for the same amount of Woolite even with a $1 coupon, so Target brand it is!

One day we will have a full washer and dryer, and I know it will be utter bliss! Until then, I'm glad that I can at least do laundry in style!

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