Sunday, October 12, 2014

Needing a Weekend from my Weekend

Thank goodness tomorrow is Columbus Day. I don't have work on Mondays anyway, but for some reason, it's kind of more comforting knowing that everyone is off tomorrow and the life at school isn't going on tomorrow. The congestion ended up turning into a cold. Unfortunately, it wasn't just allergies. I'm not sure if I got the cold from a kid at school or from someone at Urgent Care when I brought Howard there in the middle of the week. Either way, it just seems as if it's the time to get a cold. I just always get nervous with colds because of what happened two years ago when the cold never fully went away, and I actually ended up with a virus that caused me to pass out for a while and bought me a ticket to the ER.

I'm doing my best to drink water, and I've taken Tylenol Cold & Sinus and Robitussin. Don't worry. I didn't take them together. In the beginning, I took the Tylenol because I had a headache and wanted the acetaminophen. But then the next medicine I took was Robitussin to avoid acetaminophen if I didn't actually need it for anything. I only took that once though because it didn't seem to make any difference.

I just hate the feeling of having a runny nose yet stuffiness at the same time. I feel as if it should be one or the other. If I'm going to be incessantly blowing my nose, I shouldn't feel so congested too! I'm almost done with an entire box of tissues. I finished the little left in the box in the bathroom in the first few hours. I'm hoping that the worst of this cold is over because I really can't handle teaching with a cold or a cough. It's one of the most irritating things!

Progress report grades were due today, so I had a lot of grading to do. Thankfully, the due date was postponed from Friday morning because after taking care of Howard and just feeling fatigued, there was no way I was going to get it done. I had actually asked for an extension, which is highly unusual because I find it very important to hand everything in on time, but I knew I would need it. I spent yesterday and today grading when I was actually awake and not blowing my nose. I had to wash my hands so many times throughout the day before and after I blew my nose!

Tomorrow I think I can rest in bed since grades are in. I'm not planned for the entire week just yet, but I do have Tuesday done. I think I'll just have to deal with the rest later on as each day passes since I think recovering is the most important at this point. Clearly, you can see that Howard's pain and my cold have really knocked me out because I didn't even remember to post a "Sorry, there's no post today" update on the blog yesterday!

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