Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Tangled Brownie Smile

I ended up staying home from church today due to dizziness. I've been a little off these past few days but figured it was just the weather or allergies. Last night, it was worse as I felt vertigo feelings, and that always scares me because of the last time I had vertigo. I was even feeling dizzy when my head was flat on the pillow. Rather unpleasant. 

I popped Tangled into the portable DVD player because I spent the day in bed. I was so out of it that the movie finished and then restarted again! Howard texted me to tell me he was on his way home with my parents, and I watched the end of the movie when he returned. He told me that Shirley and Enoch gave us something, and it was a note thanking us for praying for them and the new baby along with brownies! 

I had one of those fruit cups in jello earlier because my throat was sore, but the brownies are definitely going to be so much better. It made me super excited because they're probably my all-time favorite dessert. I look forward to eating it with a glass of milk!

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