Friday, March 21, 2014

My Thoughts on Frozen

Howard and I finally watched Frozen tonight! I know it seems odd that we're such huge Disney fans and didn't see it right away in the theater. However, we haven't gone to see a movie in the theater since the year of Wall-E and Bolt. Yes, we did see Bolt in the theater; I'm not quite sure what we were thinking, haha. I much prefer watching movies with subtitles ever since my cousin Danielle got me used to it when I slept over and had movie nights with her and Nikki. Plus, I hate worrying that I'll need to go to the bathroom in the midst of something that cost an arm and a leg and miss part of the action. I've actually had to do that before or I spent the second half of the movie waiting for it to be over so I could jet to the restroom. Lastly, I'm not quite sure how I feel about the dark theaters filled with germs along with the potential to bump into people I know or dealing with inconsiderate movie goers 

With that being said, it's much easier for us to just wait for the Disney films to come out on DVD/blu-ray since we know we're going to be purchasing it anyway. That way it costs $20-$25 for a movie the two of us will definitely watch once we have it while also having the ability to watch it again in the future with the kiddies. Or, if I'm being honest, I can just watch it over and over and over and over again like I have with Tangled

So it's no surprise that despite the HUGE popularity of Frozen, Howard and I spent months wondering what was so great about "Let It Go" and why everyone kept asking if we wanted to build a snowman. Though we got the blu-ray this past Tuesday when it was delivered from our Amazon pre-order, we didn't watch it until tonight because movies are such a time commitment! As you can see in the horribly taken picture below, I decided to forego a popcorn snack and instead ate a carrot. We both laughed when the first 15 minutes or so had scenes with carrots in them as I crunched away!

Here are just a few of my random thoughts about the movie. If you're weird like we are and haven't seen it yet, skip the rest of this entry as it will include spoilers!

  • I am already a HUGE fan of Kristen Bell because to me, she will always be Veronica Mars, but this movie made me love her even more! It seems as if it's been all about Kristen Bell lately as I've been going through the 3 seasons of Veronica Mars on Amazon Prime before our trial runs out and also in preparation for the V.Mars movie that I bought on iTunes and watched last weekend (don't worry; I used a gift card from Swagbucks!). She definitely brings a lot of quirkiness to the character of Anna. 
  • I had a few issues with Idina Menzel (or should I say Adele Dazeem!) being Elsa. To me, she will ALWAYS be Elphaba from Wicked. My aunt took me to see the play when Idina was still Elphaba, so that solidified who she was in my mind. It's one thing when you see an actor in a TV show or movie and then see him again in another work, but seeing a person on STAGE is REAL LIFE! Plus, she definitely has a distinct voice. I think it worked very well when she was Rachel Berry's mom on Glee, but it took a while to get over the fact that she was Anna's only slightly older sister.
  • When Anna and Elsa's parents died while they were at sea, I expressed my disgust and just went, "UGHHHH!" Howard had to pause the movie because I jokingly said, "Forget it; I don't want to watch it anymore!" I was excited to see that both parents were featured in the beginning, but I guess it had to follow the formula for the majority of Disney movies with one or both parents dying. 
  • Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the character Olaf! I didn't think he was particularly cute in the trailers I had seen a long time ago and thought he'd be a little irritating. In actuality, his voice was adorably cute, and he had some of the funniest lines that paired with facial expressions full of emotion despite being an odd-looking snowman!
  • When Elsa left Arendelle and escaped into the mountains to begin making the ice castle, I kept thinking, "But where is she going to get her food? Is she just going to eat popsicles and slushies?" In fact, I kept saying it to Howard because clearly that's the most important thing of all. Food. 
  • I might add more later, but right now I want this posted since it's 11:58pm!!!
[edited to add more thoughts]
  • I completely understand why this has such a great following, but I actually enjoyed Wreck-It Ralph more in terms of the characters' relationships. I guess I can't fully understand Anna and Elsa since I don't have a sister! It doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the movie though because I really did! It just wasn't touching and emotion the way Ralph and Vanellope were.
  • Howard and I usually let the credits run and read the Asian names out loud. It's an odd ritual, but it gives me time to process the movie since it takes me a bit of time to think everything through and figure out how I feel about it. Near the end of the credits, it says this: "The views and opinions expressed by Kristoff in the film that all men eat their own boogers are solely his own and do not necessarily reflect the views or opnions of The Walt Disney Company of the filmmakers." I love when they add little things like that!
  • I love the dresses in the movie! I especially love Anna's coronation dress. 
After we finished the movie, I looked up some behind-the-scenes clips of Kristen and Idina voicing the characters and saw that there was an Honest Trailer for Frozen. We were cracking up about the whole "a sister, a merchant, a hot guy, and a snowman" part of it. It's worth a look if you've seen the movie!

Ahh Disney, you've done it again.  


  1. hahaha Omg, I just burst out laughing because when my boyfriend JP and I first saw Frozen in the theater, he leaned over and whispered, "What is she going to eat in that ice palace?" And it turned into our running joke. So now whenever we watch, he screams at the tv, "ELSA! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO EAT!?" lol Food IS important!

    I didn't see that part in the credits about Kristoff! I'll have to look again. I pretty much agree with everything else you said too. I loved the relationships, but I think Ralph and Vanellope definitely won my heart over the two sisters.

    I'm going to look at the Honest Trailer now! Thanks for the link!


    1. Haha, I LOVE that I'm not the only one who thought about the food! I mean, especially after they had Anna singing about sandwiches and chocolate!