Sunday, July 13, 2014

As the Deer Panteth for the Water ...

We got to see the deer again this morning! When Howard and I approached the spot where we wait for my parents to pick us up on the way to church, we saw that the two baby deer were in the same spot as yesterday. I was so excited! I was hoping they'd stay out so that my mom would get to see them too because she enjoys things like that too, and she was able to see them as well. It just seemed like a great start to our Sunday at church because one of the songs I used to play all the time when we still used the book of praise songs was "As the Deer." When my old church friend Brandon and I would play the piano for Junior Worship or fill in when the pianist wasn't there, we both had our go-to songs. One of his was "Change My Heart O God." One of mine was definitely "As the Deer," and I could play it for the longest time years later from memory. 

Maybe it is because we are "city folk," as my husband pointed out, but I just get fascinated by these things.

After church, my family stopped by the hospital to drop off some food for my grandma. We parked across the street where there were a ton of turkeys! I know there are plenty of wild turkeys on our borough as there used to be rather large ones that would invade my college campus. I'd be walking down the path behind one of the buildings, but then I'd have to turn around and walk the other way if there was a turkey. In the middle of class, we'd suddenly hear the gobbles interrupt our professors. This was the first time that I've seen baby turkeys, and there were a lot of them! There were at least 3 larger turkeys and 7 smaller ones; there was even one crossing the busy street.

Though I don't know that there are any songs to sing in church that have turkeys in them, I just felt that I had to include that picture as well. I might not look at the bigger turkeys and think that they look peaceful and graceful, but they're still God's creatures!

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