Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Haul: Old Navy ($1 Flip Flop Sale!)

Last Tuesday, I mentioned that I was setting an alarm for Saturday morning so that I could head over to Old Navy to get some $1 flip flops. I'm so excited that it worked out this year! On the website, it said the store opened at 9am, but I knew I had to get there earlier. I had seen that some people who went during previous years had to stand in line outside the store just to get inside. I didn't want to have to wait too long for that. Howard was the one who actually suggested we go extra early because it would be less frustrating waiting before the store opened than waiting later on in the day, so we actually made it to the store a little after 8am!

As we drove into the parking lot, we saw two people standing outside. Then we realized they were actually employees and that the store was already open! That was so exciting because we wouldn't have to deal with crowds at all! I was actually thinking about calling the store the day before to ask if they were opening earlier than the regular time, but I never got around to it. It would definitely pay to find out because when 9am rolled around, there were definitely more people in the store though it wasn't too crazy a little after 9 when we left the store.

The employees out front gave us paper coupons for $5 off $35. I saw that it was in the email ON sent that morning, but it was nice not having to deal with my phone since it wasn't fully charged. I really need to get one of those rechargeable portable batteries! Anyway, I went straight to the back of the store for the flip flops! There were some women back there, but it wasn't difficult at all to access any of it. If anything, I just had to wait a bit to get to the section that had black flip flops.

Along with the ones hanging on the wall, they also had flip flops in boxes organized by the sizes. If it were a mad rush, grabbing 5 from the boxes would probably be the easiest bet just to secure your 5 of any color and then swap them out once you can get to the wall. I did read that some couponers and freebie sites mentioned that if you get there later and they're out of your size, you could just grab 5 of any size and color and exchange them on another day. 

Unfortunately for me, they didn't have any black flip flops in my size! They only had sizes 5 and 6, and later on others asked the employees if there were any in the back, and they said no. Oh well. I would have purchased 3 of my 5 in just black since that's what I wear outdoors, so that means they'd wear out the fastest compared to my home slippers. Regardless of the lack of black, I still purchased 5 of them so that I won't have to go next year either! We checked the baby clearance items too, but we didn't find anything worth getting. Then I figured since we were there early, others should benefit from it too! So Howard texted his sister, and I texted my sister-in-law and brother to ask if they wanted any flip flops. Howard's sister did want 5 of them since company uses them as slippers when they visit (and I'm sure they'll have more visitors soon since it's almost time for the baby to come!).

We were there for maybe 45 minutes browsing. The few times we actually make it to Old Navy, I like scouring the clearance sections especially for baby boys since we're so excited to have a nephew. Howard took some time to browse as well and found this rather awesome Star Wars shirt of the Millennium Falcon! Unfortunately, it was XXL, and that was the only one! He had to make do with just a picture.

He also saw these sharks shorts, but again, there weren't any in his size. It really is difficult being a guy! But I guess to some degree, it's also a bit on the easier side since there isn't a lot of variety so you end up saving money since you already have what you need, haha.

We were at Old Navy for about an hour, but the waiting on line was only a small portion of that, and it's all because of these babies! I thought I was going to purchase colors, but then as I stood there and debated, I ended up sticking with all neutral colors. Haha, I'm really kind of a boring person when it comes to footwear, but that's okay since my tops usually have the color. As I said above, there no black ones, so I only got one black with white straps. I'm not too big of a fan of that look, but I'll deal with it. I initially had one light purple one too, but I knew I'd probably not get as much use out of it, so I switched it for another white pair. I kind of tried it on in store, and they look nice since I always have a pedicure during the spring and summer. My only concern was that they'd get dirty quickly, but I'm not too worried about it. If anything, I can also use a white pair at home for slippers and use the gray ones I have on right now for outdoors. By the way, they did change the gray as the strap portion is shiny in the new ones, but the ones I bought years ago aren't. 

Since I knew that I was getting the flip flops anyway, I considered the coupon to really be $5 off $30 in terms of saving. I know 17% really isn't that big in terms of savings, however, it would make sense to use it in store on things that count as Everyday Steals because percentage savings aren't allowed to be used on those things! I knew for sure that I wanted to get tank tops. If you've EVER seen me in the summer months or if you've EVER seen any of our Disney World vacation pictures, you will know that I wear the same tank top all the time. I just have it in different colors! That's Old Navy for ya! They're my favorite. But I have paid only $2 for each tank, but I haven't seen that price in a while so I figured the $4 price (retail $8.50) was good. However, I didn't want to buy 8 of the tanks since I didn't need that many. I browsed for a while before I found this great buy: $8 shorts (retail $19.94)! I tried on the 3.5 inch length and the 5 inch length thinking I'd prefer the latter. I ended up going with the shorter inseam though since they're a little wide, so the longer ones swallowed me up too much. I grabbed the black pair since my only black shorts are the messy cargo roll-up kind that I LOVE, but I like that these are neater. I decided to get a navy blue pair too. I can see pairing these with a nicer top and wearing them on the occasions when my regular shorts are just a little too messy.

And now here are 3 of the 4 tanks I purchased that day! Years and years ago, I had similar colors, but they were the thicker straps and thicker material. They also shrunk in the wash, so I wear the old ones as pajamas. I also prefer long tanks so that I know it won't ride up on my back; Old Navy tanks are exactly what I like. I don't even bother with other brands because I have purchased a Target tank once, but it wasn't the same. I have to wear those as pajamas too! Anyway, I also have a dark navy blue one too, but I ended up wearing it that day to the zoo! I kept the same shorts on that I wrote to the store, but the blank tank I had was not long enough for me. It's in the wash, so I couldn't include it in the picture. Realistically, I could pay the $8.50 price and get a lot of use out of it, but why do that when there are sales and coupons?

Though it may not be a stylish haul since I'm not the kind of person who really owns currently stylish clothing, I'm very happy with my purchases! Summer, here I come!

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