Monday, July 14, 2014

Field Day 2014

At the end of June, I went back to sub for one last day when the school was having their Field Day. I'm happy I got to be part of this annual tradition even though it meant being outside for a long time and getting a pretty bad sunburn. I never posted the few pictures that I took on my phone, so here they are! 

The mom of one of the students was able to bring 3 horses. If the parents had given permission, the kids were allowed to go on a brief horseback ride. I stood there for quite some time capturing pictures of the day. Thankfully, they didn't smell bad, so I was able to enjoy being around such majestic animals. 

I did get a breather indoors for a bit because I had to fill water balloons again this year! Haha, last year I had that job with a few students, but this year, I was able to get through a lot of them rather quickly because one of my former co-workers, Caroline, helped me out with it. She was really fast at tying them, so we got through a lot much faster. Plus, we didn't actually have to fill all the balloons in these packages since we were just doing a water balloon toss.

The elementary school director and superintendent wanted me to stop filling water balloons to make sure that I ate! They both knew that lunch is important to me and my health because not eating can make me sick. The middle school kids had a special rodeo event the day before, so there was leftover fried chicken, corn, and biscuits, so I was able to eat some of that instead of the food I brought.

Once I finished transporting all the balloons out and eating lunch, I went out and was able to enjoy an ice. The mom of one of the teachers at the school brings these refreshing treats; it's such a treat in the heat! The kids are given 3 tickets for treats, so they can get the ice, cotton candy, and popcorn. I just had to be super careful when eating this since I was actually wearing a white shirt, which I normally never do. I just knew that if we were going to be outside, I should wear a lighter color shirt since I wasn't going to wear a tank top to school!

For some time I helped one of my former colleagues, Caroline, deal with the cotton candy machine. I was just collecting tickets whereas she had the sticky, messy job of making the cotton candy! I helped peel the fluff off her hands and arms in between waves of the kids. This picture doesn't even capture how bad it got! It was going all the way up her arms!

The cotton candy in that rack was much larger, but it melted into those smaller balls on the cones when left out in the sun. That meant it pretty much had to be made to order since she couldn't make any ahead of time. The tickets were collected in the cigar box. At the end of the day, I actually had to wash one of the boxes where the tickets for ice because it was so sticky. 

Ahhh, the final results! These were the same buckets we used last year for the balloons. Some of the kids from the student council filled some of the balloons as well. We definitely had to keep guard over them because there were some who would want to go over and just grab whatever they wanted even when they were already out of the game!

It was definitely a hot day, but I did have fun helping out! It wasn't until I left that I realized just how burned I was though. Everyone was saying my face was red, but I knew that that always happened when out in the sun. I did put on some SPF on my face and arms and knees, but I completely forgot my neck region! I can't believe I completely about that area! I was already feeling miserable before I drove home.

That night, I actually felt extremely sick. I was gagging in the bathroom, and then I finally fell asleep on the floor after a long time of misery. My wonderful husband took care of me and got me whatever I needed. Then he woke me up so I could move to the bed. I thought that maybe I felt sick from eating dinner too quickly, but afterwards, I realized that I probably had sun poisoning. It's kind of crazy that that happened considering I've been outside in Disney World in heat as well, but I guess I'm a lot more mindful of sunblock on vacation. Plus, I have the option of taking a breather in the shade or in AC whenever I want. I must be more careful about this if I'm there at next year's Field Day!

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