Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Massive Brussels Sprouts

On Sunday, Howard and I stopped by one of the grocery stores in Chinatown to grab some fruits and veggies for the week. Though I'm sure my dad might say some street vendors are cheaper for some items, I liked the convenience of having everything there. Not everything was a better price though, but it was nice knowing the general supermarket sale prices to compare.

The one thing that caught our attention was the brussels sprouts! They were $2.50 a pound, which is what I pay on sale at Stop & Shop. However, it was better that these weren't packaged because we were able to choose the sprouts ourselves. 

I mean, look at how massive they were! I couldn't believe just how large they were when I was washing them and getting ready to cut them last night.

Howard mentioned that he thought they tasted better than the supermarket, but I couldn't tell since I know I roasted them a little longer than I did last time, which could have been the difference. Either way I'm quite excited knowing that we have easier access to one of our favorite vegetables!

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