Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Biking in the Poconos

My grandparents used to have a house in the Poconos where all the family would go on mini-vacations. I remember getting really excited once we found out that we were going there. It was extra fun when we were there with our cousins because that meant walking just a short distance down the road to the lake where we could skip rocks in the water, pretend to push the huge unmovable boulders, jump from rock to rock outside of the house, compete with a small plastic foosball table, and ride our bikes. There was one bedroom that had bunk beds, and that was the only time my older brother and I were exposed to them, so it was such a treat! We'd also go downstairs to the basement that was pretty much empty except for a dart board. Thinking about all the things we did then makes me wonder if many kids in this current generation would be satisfied spending a weekend like that since we didn't have electronics and couldn't really watch anything on the TV that didn't even get good reception. 

My older brother and I enjoyed riding our bikes all the time back at home, but we could only ride on the sidewalk. At the Poconos house, we could ride on the road because there were very few cars that traveled that area. Even so, we'd stick to the side of the road and call out to each other, "Car!" and stop until it passed. There was one occasion where I was trying to turn my bike around after a car had passed, but instead of moving it in the right direction, I actually started rolling into this ditch of like, wheat or weeds! I just kept laughing and laughing even though I had no clue how I was going to get out of that situation since I continued going farther and farther down! I distinctly remember what it felt like when I was stuck in that spot, but what makes it even more hilarious now is the fact that we have it preserved forever because my dad was recording a video! Haha, why he didn't come over and help me is beyond me! 

A much more pleasant bike riding memory would be all the times I sat on the little kiddie seat on the back of the big bike. Above is a picture of my grandpa and me enjoying one of those rides. When we sat in that seat, that meant we were actually able to go our journeys farther away from the house since an adult was riding. I'm glad that I have so many memories at the house but especially with my grandpa!

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