Saturday, July 12, 2014

I Want One!

Howard posted this photo on Instagram yesterday morning as he was going to work. I couldn't believe that he saw baby deer so close to where we live since we're right on the service road. He spotted these two little ones on the other side of the highway right off the service road, and I was so amazed because they're so tiny! I was even happier today when I got to see them for myself! As we were returning home from a few quick errands, we waited at the traffic light near this area when Howard said that it looked like they were there again. I held my phone up to capture video, but I was determined to just look at them with my eyes and not through my phone's screen. So beautiful! I think that recently I've been even more appreciative of animals especially after having gone to our local zoo. I feel that learning more about animals and the amazing things they can do just points to a wondrous Creator. I look forward to the days when Howard and I can share these moments with our kids.

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