Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Combating the Cold

It seems that we all didn't quite understand the meaning of cold until today!  I'm grateful to be indoors today (even if our apartment is frigid), but last night and this morning, I wanted to make sure that the hubs would be warm enough as he commuted to and from work.  We talked about how he should probably take the express bus home today instead of the ferry because then he'd be outdoors less and away from the water.  Then this morning, I asked him as I was still half asleep if he had his "old man sweater" as another layer and gloves.  

Howard gave a good explanation to this freezing cold on his Facebook when he wrote the following:
You know why we have weather like this? Because of all the people who repeated "the cold never bothered me anyway" to people who have yet to see the movie.
I cracked up when I read that because I saw that phrase repeated over and over on Twitter from my Disney friends, and it took a week or two to realize that it was from Frozen!  We will eventually see the movie, but we always wait until it comes out on blu-ray since we're going to buy it anyway.  Until then, let's talk about some of the ways I like to combat the freezing temperatures!      

1. Think about extremely hot Disney trips!

The bright sun beating down on you when you're trying to walk around World Showcase or Frontierland, making you feel kind of sick and in need of a breather in an air conditioned gift shop, forcing you inside attractions like Hall of Presidents and American Adventure when you'd rather be enjoying the sights outside or riding rides makes you WISH for cold weather!  And now that we have these below freezing temperatures, it makes you want the warm Florida sun!  I remember when there was some pretty torturous heat during our Disneymoon in May 2012.  Even just walking from the entrance of Epcot to the bus was unbearable!  It's funny that I don't think about our June 2013 trip in the same way though.  Must've been something about that May and the fact that we were so tired from the wedding and wanted to sleep!  On a day as cold as today though, I wouldn't mind some of that sunshine on my face.  

2. Drink a hot decadent beverage like Memento Mocha!

Sure, you can have a hot cup of tea, but when I have a hot coffee-like drink, I seem to stay warmer longer.  Maybe it's because it's richer with its foam whereas tea is thin.  Or maybe it's because it reminds me of drinking hot chocolate after helping shovel outside with my family.  To me, Memento is such a treat because I don't put sugar in my tea anymore, so this is having something the complete opposite of what's the norm.

3. Cover your feet with fuzzy socks or slippers!

I hate wearing socks.  Seriously, I hate it with a passion.  In previous years, you could find me wearing flats to work and to church in the middle of winter.  If I was unwilling to wear them outside in the cold, there was obviously no way I'd wear them at home!  I did, however, buy the fuzzy lounge socks from Christmas Tree Shop and these memory foam slippers from Target.  The slippers are HUGE because they're from the men's section and are XL, but I couldn't pass it up since I found it yesterday in the after Christmas clearance.  Instead of being $9.99, I paid $0.99 for it, and it's perfect especially when I'm sitting at the computer.  Because they're so spacious, I don't walk very well in them, but they provide a lot of warmth for my feet without feeling constricted.  I normally sit on my feet to keep them warm, so this will help prevent the pins and needles feeling I get so often.

4. Light a scented candle!

I've taken a picture of this particular Sparkling Icicles candle from Bath and Body Works so many times, but it really has lasted that long!  I even burn it for hours at a time especially since it's my FAVORITE.  Granted, lighting a candle doesn't do much in terms of the overall temperature of the apartment, but if my fingers feel stiff, I just hold it over the flame and they start to thaw.  Plus, the scent does make the air seem more inviting instead of being too cold.

5. Make a snack in the oven and then leave the door open after you're done!


Because we're in a studio apartment, when we use the oven, it does help to warm up the area even if it's just in the slightest bit.  I have been craving chips of some sort, but because we don't have any, I decided to toast some flour tortillas that we always keep on hand in the freezer.  I cut them into wedges and toasted them at 375 degrees for about 8 minutes.  The crispiness was really satisfying, which was nice because it seems like the perfect alternative to unhealthy chips that are already made.  Of course, I left the door open after I turned the oven off so that whatever heat was still in there would escape into the apartment.

How did you deal with the sudden drop in temperature?  Most of you probably just turned up the heat ...


  1. Hey Rachel!

    I have been singing that song from Frozen all week! It's a good movie and I think you and Howard will really like it. I also think about hot and sunny days at Disney on days like this! I haven't been since October of 2012 so I'm missing it.

    Hope you guys are keeping warm!


    1. I'm sure we'll be singing it too when we finally see it! Haha, then I'm sure we'll understand why everyone is obsessed with that line. I love that they release the DVDs/blu-rays pretty quickly now because otherwise I might get a little impatient.

      Hope you keep warm too! And of course, I hope you get to go to Disney again soon!