Monday, January 6, 2014

Wedding Bears

When Howard initially surprised me with the Teddy Bear Parade cartridge for my 28th birthday two years ago, I was super excited because I had wanted it since I first saw it on Cricut's Hello Thursday announcement.  I'm not sure if I wrote about it on my blog, but I know I posted it on Instagram.  The morning of my birthday, Howard brought me to the closet and just stood me there.  It took me a minute to realize that my stack of Cricut Lite cartridges was actually different!

BTW our closet doesn't look like that anymore since I started couponing, haha.

He had put the new cartridge in the middle of all my other Lites!  I was beyond giddy!  I'm a sucker for cartridges that have characters wearing different things for different occasions.  That's why I wanted 3 Birds on Parade and why I like putting accessories on the Create a Critter animals too.

I looked at the trifold (Lites have trifolds instead of full handbooks) over and over again, examining all the details that could be used for each bear.  Despite all the time I spent looking at it, I didn't use it much when I first got it!  Clearly, you can see that I am making up for lost time!  It's been one of my go-to cartridges especially after I made a huge stack of bears ready to be dressed for whatever occasion.

One of Howard's friends from his old job requested a wedding card.  I actually made a card similar to this one for my cousin Jay's wedding.  All I did was change the background color.  Just like the past few cards I've posted, the sentiment is from Pink by Design's set "Scripted Year."      

Every time I put together the groom bear, I hope he doesn't spill his champagne, haha.  I also remember how I had a few issues putting together the bouquet the first time I did it.  It's actually fairly simple considering the Cricut cuts out some guidelines to help put everything in place.  I like how it's layered so that the bouquet pops out more from the rest of the image.

Maybe tomorrow I'll post a card that's not using Teddy Bear Parade and "Scripted Year."  Seriously, this cartridge and that stamp set?  It'd be perfect for ALL occasions.  I don't even need anything else.  I'm kidding.  KIDDING.  Please don't take away my other cartridges and craft supplies.


  1. Oh my word. I am dying over the cuteness of this card! The layers and dimension are fantastic!

    1. Isn't it just adorable? I love that cartridge so much!

  2. Super like all your cards, Rae Rae, you are sooo talented, love love all your creations !! <3