Friday, February 28, 2014

Craving Satisfied

I have a craving for soup in a big carb-y bread bowl. That is all. Good night!

I tweeted that just two nights ago before I fell asleep dreaming of bread bowls filled with hot soup. Since I did some errands yesterday, I considered picking one up on the way home since there is no way to demurely eat that deliciousness in public, but I decided not to. I rip and dip the bread into the soup over and over again until I can just pick it up entirely and bite. No spoon is even needed. 

This lovely, delectable treat was finally enjoyed tonight after Howard and I went out to get some more groceries and enjoy "Blue Friday," which I'll explain more in another post about the Shopkick app. We used to go to Panera once in a while when we were dating, but we may have only been there once or twice since getting married because it's so expensive. It brings back a lot of memories of conversations of eloping and giddiness after trying on engagement rings. But like I said, this monstrosity needs to be brought home to be fully enjoyed.

We got back pretty late since we had a couple of stops so it was actually close to 9pm by the time we started eating because I also threw some veggies in the oven to have with our meal. The tomato soup was so satisfying. When we were waiting in the extremely long line, I debated between the tomato and the broccoli cheddar, but I knew that a bread bowl had to be with the tart tomato soup. The only other time I've had the bread bowl was with tomato soup, and it was exactly what I was craving. 

And other than a little bit of the inside that I ripped out to make room for my soup that I shared with my hubs, I ate every last bit of that bread. Bread makes me a happy girl. 

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