Thursday, February 13, 2014

Post-Subbing Browsing: Part 2

Yesterday's post showed that I exhibited strength by not purchasing anything at Burlington Coat Factory despite the lure of two pretty decent candles. Would I be able to do the same at AC Moore just across the parking lot? Read to find out!

Our AC Moore is no longer a regular store; it's actually an outlet store. That means instead of using coupons most (if not all) the items are 40% off. I think that's a fantastic option for someone who might be in a need for a lot of supplies for a particular project and doesn't have time to buy everything at Michaels on sale with a 50% off coupon. For someone like me, however, the 40% sale just wasn't cutting it. Even so, I browsed my usual aisles just in case there were any clearance items. Plus, AC Moore has a ton of stamps, both rubber and clear, that Michaels does not have. You can see that in the photo, there are a ton of options! It's a beautiful sight for a stamper. I remember when I was younger, I would go through each row and examine the image of each stamp.

I did find this large rectangular stamp for $2, which I definitely would have purchased if I didn't already have it! I don't remember how much I paid for it, but it was definitely more than just $2. It was odd because the rest of the stamps clumped together like this looked to be the $1 ones, so they weren't that nice, so it would've been such a find to come across this one.

I also walked through the paper stack aisle even though I have NO ROOM for any more stacks. I did see that they had a wooden crate filled with older DCWV stacks on sale for $10, which is really 50% off the original price. They had the Guy Stack and the Green Stack, which I've always eyed and adored, but I wasn't willing to part with my money on something I didn't need and would have difficulty using because the prints are the kind I'd want to save!

I don't buy individual sheets of scrapbooking paper especially since I make cards and would cut it into pieces for layers, but I did look to see what Disney ones they offered just in case there was anything spectacular that caught my eye. These were the same ones I've seen in the past, and just like the DCWV paper stacks, I'd think twice about actually using them! Ahh, the problems of a scrapbooker/card maker. I know I'm not the only one!

I did browse the other sections of the store, and some of the things that caught my eyes were these adorable, itty-bitty "pack-packs"! I would absolutely love to get these for my kiddies when they themselves are also itty-bitty.

I thought I was done browsing, but you can see in the above picture that there was a wall of Cricut cartridges. I took a look to see if there was anything there that would've been SUPER cheap since I don't need cartridges anymore due to having the Silhouette that I haven't yet tried! Nothing popped out at me or at least nothing that would really be inexpensive. After purchasing the bulk of my collection via the $10 sale at Michaels in 2011, it has to be a cartridge I really want to warrant anything more than that without going over $20.

Nearby I saw some duck tape, so the Disney fan in me had to take a picture of the Minnie and Mickey ones. They also had a Tinkerbell one too. If I knew of a way to craft with it, I'd totally get some!

My mom was in search of something particular, so we ended up on the kids' craft and toy side of the store. I saw these learning mats and thought about having them for Luke and Leia in the future. Even though hubs and I watch TV shows or Netflix while we're eating now (I guess that's what happens when you don't have a dinner table!), it won't be like that when the kiddies come. I hope that we'd be able to do more fun yet educational activities. Plus, if they practice their handwriting, maybe they'll write more like I do as opposed to how Howard writes, hehe. Sorry, hubs, but you know your handwriting isn't the greatest!

The area near the registers had a few more goodies that I liked. MORE JOURNALS! Seriously, journals are like candy to me. I have to go over and examine them, drool over them a bit, and then force myself to walk away because I shouldn't buy something I don't need. 

The last thing I thought was worth taking a picture of was a Pillow Pet Pee-Wees edition. This moose was the cutest! I mean, it's a MOOSE! And it was small! I think Howard and I would totally let our kids choose a small Pillow Pet and maybe a larger Disney one too! They might be asking us for them when they can't find them since we might borrow 'em once in a while!

So did I make it through without making a purchase? YES! Aren't ya proud? All the subbing money I made yesterday will go directly into my account without being touched. Woohoo! 

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