Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Dear Valentine

Howard and I never really celebrated Valentine's Day even when we were just dating. I think we made a bigger deal over "birthday week" than any of the holidays. So it wasn't that surprising that as we came across V-Day 2014, we didn't have anything special planned. The only thing is that we used the day as an excuse not to cook and order in food instead!

When Howard got home, he put the carton of eggs on the counter. I had asked him to pick some up after he got off the bus because we haven't had any since before our Disney trip, and I was definitely craving. He stood by the entrance and watched me wash the remaining dishes, and then when I looked at him, he nodded towards the counter. I turned around and saw that he had gotten Sabra Sun Dried Tomato Hummus! What a fabulous Valentine's Day surprise, haha. What's even better was that it was on sale for just $1.99 so that was even better! Who cares about flowers when your guy knows that you don't like receiving flowers and prefer food? Who cares about chocolate when your guy knows that you can get some after Valentine's Day super cheap and can give you mashed chickpeas instead? My guys knows me, and I love that he does!

We decided that we'd order from Goodfella's. Instead of ordering an entree, I chose to get two hero sandwiches because putting anything between bread makes me a happy camper. A shrimp parmigiana hero with chips and an eggplant parmigiana with waffle fries sounded super romantic to me. Howard's idea of romance was Shrimp Fra Diavlo on fettuccine. We eagerly watched the tracker on the site that let us know that the food was being made and then when was being delivered. Unfortunately, Goodfella's made a mistake somewhere as they completely forgot Howard's entree! We didn't notice it until 20 minutes later because I was in bed due to the start of a bad headache so we didn't eat right away. Thankfully, once I put some Chinese medicine on my forehead though, I started feeling better so it didn't ruin the night.

Howard had to call them to see what happened, and the guy who answered said he'd call the driver and let us know. We never got a call back, so hubs had to call once again, and they said they were waiting for the driver to return. In the meantime, I was waiting a bit because I didn't want to eat first. Hubs encouraged me to start so that I wouldn't feel sick by getting too hungry, but thankfully, after a few bites, his food arrived. It was actually a girl who delivered it instead of the guy who delivered my food. She apologized for the mistake. We're fairly easygoing people, so it didn't really ruin anything for us, but I admit that I was hoping they'd give like, extra bread or something to make up for the fact that we had to wait longer. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our food though and probably ate a few more bites than we should have because we were incredibly stuffed! It was delicious! We still have plenty of leftovers for today, so that's even better. While we ate, we started watching the last few episodes of Capture, which was a show on the CW last year loosely based on The Hunger Games. It was kind of an extremely odd competition, but it was highly entertaining for the two of us to watch together because we joke about a lot of things. When we finally got up to the last episode, I was so high-strung because I wanted a particular team to win, and win they did! I threw my arms up in the air and rejoiced!  Haha, it was just some great Valentine's Day entertainment.

Unlike our other Saturdays, we both didn't wake up until 11am since we had stayed up past our regular bedtime to finish the 3 episodes in the season. Since we were starving, I cut up some flour tortillas and baked them in the oven to crisp them up so that we could eat the hummus. It too was absolutely delicious! What a great V-Day treat! 

But I guess you still need some sort of dessert or chocolate treat for the holiday. Thankfully, my dad passed by our apartment after driving my brother and sister-in-law home from her Lasik procedure, and he dropped off a piece of chocolate mousse cake for us. Yay! This turned out to be a great unplanned Valentine's weekend. Food is definitely the way to my heart!

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