Saturday, May 17, 2014

Copic Refills Haul

As you can see, I've been doing a lot of crafting lately but mainly focusing on Cricut cuts. I know I STILL have to take out my Silhouette Cameo, but when I have custom orders to fill, I need to use the machine that I know backwards and forwards and not deal with trying to learn a new one. I still save all the free SVG files from certain sites and have even purchased a few as well, but I'm relying heavily on my dear ol' Cricut friend. I haven't even been using digital stamps that often either, but I did come across instances where I definitely needed my Copic markers for the Cricut images.

In certain instances, I've used the Copic markers to color in skin tone since I don't have the right cardstock. I was specifically working on a bunch of cute gnomes (I had to clarify and say cute because I know some gnomes can be creepy!) that Cricut offered as the free cut of the week. I was trying to color in parts of it when my E00 Skin White started fading a lot and getting streaky. It was definitely time to buy some refills.

When I initially bought my Copics from and Michaels, I knew that I'd need to buy refills down the road. That's actually one of the reasons why I chose the brand. I liked the idea of it being more environmentally-friendly since there'd be no need to create more garbage by throwing the markers away. Each refill bottle of ink refills a marker several times; it's supposedly 13 times for a Ciao marker (the round ones) and 8-10 for a Sketch marker (the oval ones). I have a mixture of both. 

This was definitely a big splurge for me though as each refill was $6.29! It's a little insane, but I guess if it can be filled many times, it's really only $0.48-$0.63 each time. I didn't buy a bottle for each of my colors but only the ones I really needed. I sat there testing each one out to see which ones were starting to streak and also chose a few extra so I could benefit from free shipping. The majority of this $102.75 order from Blick was covered with what I made from a large 50 card order, so at least I'm taking the money from that and putting it right back into the "business"!

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